Monday, January 20, 2014

Doing the double?

While P. Manning ensured that the early game went to form, the Seahawks, through a combination of lucking out, benefiting from the opponent's sloppy play and making great plays themselves, turned around that game, pulled it out of the fire, held on...{checks for some more clichés} and also won the game.

Despite the title, Bokolis isn't here to crow about being on the right side of both conference championships. Yes, Bokolis' head bobs above water, going 5-4-1 on here and 7-5-1 in the carbon-based world. Again, the 0-4 on Saturdays has been outstripped by the 5-0-1 on Sundays. This statistical quirk had me scrambling for the data, as did the fact that it felt like too many of these games came in too close to the number.

Here is the rundown with the respective final lines, or the lines Bokolis remembers.

KC 44 - 45 IND (-1.5) difference 0.5 points
NO 26 - 24 PHI (+1.5) difference 3.5 points
SD 27 - 10 CIN (+7.0) difference 24.0 points
SF 23 - 20 GB (-3.0) on the number (at the gun)
NO 15 - 23 SEA (-9.0) difference 1.0 points (back-door cover)
IND 22 - 43 NE (-7.5) difference 13.5 points
SF 23 - 10 CAR (-1.5) difference 11.5 points
SD 17 - 24 DEN (-9.0) difference 2.0 points (late cover)
NE 16 - 26 DEN (-5.5) difference 4.5 points
SF 17 - 23 SEA (-3.5) difference 2.5 points

That's seven out of ten within 5 points of the number. I doubt they have this high of a percentage on any given week during the regular season. Considering how several numbers danced around, it's a little unsettling that these games are holding form to such a degree. I don't know what it is, but it's bothering Bokolis.

So for the Weed Bowl / Blunt Bowl, the line allegedly opened up on Sunday night with the Seahawks laying at least 1.5 - 2.0 and moved steadily before stabilizing at Broncos -1.5 (-2.0 as I type). Given the info above, it's quite likely that a middle was created. Bokolis only caught it at PK, so I'm a little skeptical as to just how much action went off at the opening line.

But I knew it would move towards Denver and was surprised- I guess it could be factoring the weather- that they didn't open as favorites. Everybody is jumping on P. Manning's dick, suddenly unconcerned about his "legacy" now that Tom Brady isn't on the other side. Something to be said about this nonsense- the people making this contention about Peyton having to win another Bowl to secure his legacy among the best QBs in history, their combined record this year was 0-0.

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