Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spreading some love...

...for Ultragrrrl. I go over for my dose of happy music; shit that keeps the party movin'. Hey, I've got to keep up with the kids. But, popular culture is not Bokolis' thing; I cant keep track of the mainstream stuff, much less the diggin' in the crates catalogues goodness. She's got the lock-down on that.

Now this here was touched by her magic wand. It reminded Bokolis of a couple of nipple bump parties from back in the day. I don't recall getting home from those parties. I still have my kidneys and my pucker, so I only had to dust my shoulder.

I had to suspend disbelief for some shit. This only happens to Bokolis when I use the green Axe. The yellow one brings muted results and the red is like repellent. And, the part about the Mexicans, after KTFO'ing him, driving him home is total bullshit. In reality, his pucker would have been ruined.

They were dead on about the blue one. The one time I used it, I also wound up wearing a snout...and it might have been the same bird.

Here's to more nipple bump parties, even if I'm not attending.

Now that they've worked out this lockout...

...bullshit, the chumps at the "worldwide leader" have material for their first C'mon, man" segment. The Oakland Raiders present to you, Susie Sanchez

C'mon man. They didn't even try to 'shop this broad. Bokolis was going to say that I know loads of 37 year old birds that are fitter than this one, but none of them are mothers, let alone grandmothers. Was that supposed to be a draw?

I suppose the old man's taste in birds is running parallel to Hugh Hefner's- I hear they're giving horses the centerfold these days. Either that, or he's watching way too much MILF* porn.

*Bokolis' definition of MILF requires that, the mother is at least 35 and, if she has less than three kids, one of them is at least 12 years old. A 30-year old toting around a 4-year old isn't a MILF.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just who's fault is this anyway

As we watch our politicians play gay chicken with our nation's debt rating, I have to wonder how the hell we got to the point where the Alpha Betas are running things. Howthefuck did we get to the point where we've allowed a bunch of people who blatantly demonstrate that they don't give a dead rat's asshole about us are leading us?

We're not going to really blame this on the partisan nonsense because we put them in position to do this. We must look within for the answer. Life is about you vs. you, not you vs. them. The " the people..." as government, even if forgotten, is apropos, as this is our own doing.

By being asleep at the switch and neglecting our civic duties in favor of monetary enrichment (which is a vicious circle, as the scumbags serve as our role models), we've allowed for the rise of the military apparatus, the empowerment of the corporate entity at the expense of the rights human entity.

We've allowed ourselves to be dumbed down, to accept the Readers Digest version of things for the sake of convenience, to the point where we are incapable of confronting and processing reality. Our minds are not sharp, and we have frames to match. What betterment of body and mind we do pursue, we pursue for self, for primarily personal gain, whether it be to outrun the next guy, to self-medicate, just to feel good or to score a piece of ass.

I don't feel like listing examples here. I'm not an accountant, so I don't record history. I simply retain the parts that interest me and hope that my mind does not distort it too much. It's enough for me to say that, with all the information available (even if it creates a poverty of attention), for me to encounter so many dull minds is as saddening as it is draining.

Bokolis can say that, like- I assume- most people, I'm liberal about some things and conservative about some things. I'd like to think I possess enough logic to form cogent views about matters and do not ascribe to any party's line because in many, if not most circumstances, your ideology is to your detriment.

As I generally avoid imposing my will on people (ostensibly because I'm self-abosrbed, but really because I'm afraid of wielding that much power), I quash others' attempts to impose their will upon me. Because, if Bokolis were in charge, you can be damned sure that I'd impose my will upon everybody (until they eventually clipped me). It wouldn't be because I'd be a mad tyrant...I've been convinced for some time now that shit has gotten so bad that things can no longer be fixed by political process.

Can you imagine you were in charge and that, whenever you did something, no matter how noble your intentions, you had half the populace pissed as hell at you?

The noble person would eventually quit in disgust.

Some of us who swear they can catch him would chase the leprechaun. If they don't get clipped, they eventually get marginalized.

Some of us would stand up to the apparatus. Those guys get clipped for sure.

Then there are the street-level guys that will not only stand up to the apparatus, they'll harness others' rage. If they have back, those guys are the dangerous ones. They probably don't give a fuck about the cause; they love power and a good fight (beatdown).

It's muthafuckas like this that are most likely to change the world. Unfortunately, they are only fit to destroy and dominate, not to lead. Once a guy like this gets into power, it just becomes a new type of misery.

When Bokolis was in Spain this Spring, I encountered peaceful protests (I didn't hear much about this in the American MSM, BTW) regarding the people's plight in this global financial seizure (es una estafa). Their Madrid base camp (I had two separate one-day stints in Madrid) happened to be about a ~10 minute walk from my hotel.

Aside- while the government declared the base camp- in a public square- illegal, they sent sanitation to clean up after them. There were no police.

The first time, I went down dolo. I'm bouncing around, listening and taking it all in. It's (probs jobless) people sitting around speaking; no vitriol, no loudness even. It had the impression of a tourist colony.

Next time through, I linked up with one of my Madrid contacts (American friend who I know from here) to mix it up with them. Bokolis' Spanish is functional, but not good enough for high-level conversation necessary to get across my points. The gist is that, while I don't necessarily agree with their views, I'm glad they are doing this.

Ultimately, I'm as guilty as anyone else. While Bokolis placed in the money at Carlito's angles tournament, I don't lay it on the line to stand up to these muthafuckas, resolving instead to snatching up those nickels before the steamroller gets them. Aside from being relatively comfortable, because I need convenience like everyone else, I don't have time to do the dissident's 5-year bid. I want the revolution fermented and ready to go so I can jump in it.

Ignorant as I am, I thought I may have my chance. I asked if they were ever going to storm the castle or some shit. When told no, I wished them luck and bounced.

That's all the fuck I got.