Sunday, February 2, 2014

rugby for fairies...the weed bowl

Seahawks (+2) over Broncos - First off, if not for it being the Bowl, Bokolis would not touch this game. I simply couldn't get a good feel for the match-up, which is to say that it figures to fall right by the number I can't get comfortable with the idea that the Seahawks will disrupt and topple P. Manning and his machine. This is doubly true because it will be about 50-degrees at game time- so much for the cold-weather Super Bowl.

This is...somewhat more than doubly true...because the bananas at ESPN seemingly spent two weeks talking about P. Manning having a chicken arm. Disregard that Bokolis told you about that chicken arm a few posts ago; I told people when he came back that his arm strength looked like Chad Pennington's. Yeah, right- after being on his dick for 19 weeks, now he's got a chicken arm. His arm didn't just go dead, but none of y'all gave a fuck while he was up record numbers. The thing for me is, if those fuckers are emphasizing it as the are, it surely figures to be a non-factor.

Also, I can't believe how the line is all over the place; you can get 3 on the Seahawks- probably where Floyd Mayweather bet the Broncos- and lay 1.5 on the Broncos. You can surely arbitrage yourself into a virtually risk-free shot to hit the middle at +2.

In trying to hash out the match-up, it's no help that Bokolis got no fucking sleep last night and had to go play real football this morning. So, my head is bumpin' right now and I'm writing this with half a mind to sleep through the game. What y'all need to understand about the American version: there were chicks- fit birds, not ones that look like they try catching footballs with their faces- out in the park playing flag football. This is how fairied-out this game has become.

Where was I...oh yeah, Bokolis couldn't decide for the whole fortnight. I've got the Seahawks throwing up a pair of 23s this postseason; the Broncos a 24 and 26...for the simple, if Peyton gets to 24, he wins. Well, that's about where he's going to get. I'll save the bombast about who has to come up huge...the Seahawks aren't going to get to 24 by threes; they may want to engineer a defensive touchdown, just to be sure.

I've been leaning Seahawks, and was waiting for weather conditions and some other nonsense to decide whether to flip. I've just realized that those are the wrong reasons to pick the Broncos. If the Seahawks have fucked shit up for plenty of good QBs this year, they can do it on Peyton as well, regardless of the weather. Further, as I'm sure the world was told, when the offensive machine meets the defensive powerhouse, the defense usually'll just have to disregard that this defense doesn't lead from its line.