Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Bokolis was so giddy over hitting the middle in the early game that I didn't give a damn about the second game.  I realized that, Harbaugh Bowl and all, I could not root against Ray Lewis and the Ravens.  The world was shown yet again that, for all the cunty rules they run through to turn the NFL into arena football, football is still 90% hitting.

The Falcons succeeded in blowing that game where they failed the week before.  The 49ers kept running the same plays.  The Falcons never covered Vernon Davis, who somehow rediscovered that he could play, and were so shook on whether Kaepernick was going to run that they couldn't defend the 44 Lead.

Oh, and the 49ers DBs hold on every play, which the refs mostly let slide.  They also call penalties for incidental contact to the (Kaepernick's) helmet with an open hand (which went from a punt to a TD), but have no issue with a defender driving Matt Ryan's head into the turf.

In the last post, Bokolis told you about how the Falcons should have taken roughness penalties- I sugested to a friend that, when Kaepernick slides, they spear him and, as the first guy is rolling off of him, someone else come through for another spear...that'll learn the muthafucka- every time Kapernick involved himself in the play.  Well, the Ravens pretty much did that.  Eventually, they virtually killed a RB with a helmet-to-helmet, who wound up fumbling the ball and momentum.

I have more ways to make the NFL watchable, but Goodell is too busy hugging it up with draft picks to cut me a check and I'm not giving them out for free.

In any event, a split here leaves Bokolis 4-6 fo he playoffs on this medium and, with the benefit of capturing lightning in the line movements, 8-5 on the hard wire.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rugby for Fairies Conference Championships 2012-13

I've noticed that Bokolis doesn't do as well at this stuff when I don't any teams I like in the tournament.  While I had the benefit of winning the Falcons because I sent it in early in the week (and softened the blow by taking the over on GB-SFO, mainly because I had no faith in the pick), for the purposes of this, I went a miserable 1-3 last week, leaving Bokolis 3-5 on the season.

It doesn't figure to get any better this week, as I see some disgusting scenarios.  In both cases, the lines have moved, and I locked in at different lines earlier in the week than what will follow.

49ers (-3.5) over FALCONS - I locked in +4.5 and will now try to hit the middle.  Like the rest of America, I don't really believe that Atlanta will win this game.  Nonetheless, I will be rooting for them because, I hate the 49ers, I dislike this Harbaugh more than that Harbaugh and I have a distaste for running quarterbacks.  I propose that the Falcons take as many 15 yard late hit penalties as needed on Kaepernick, as they'll probably make it up on the back end when he stops running because he knows he's going to get hit whether he's safe or not.  What's that; they can do that to your QB, too.  I don't know about y'all, but I used to bring burners to my football games.  Nobody did shit to my QB.

PATRIOTS (-7.5) over Ravens - If the 49ers win, I will be forced to root for the Pats so as to avoid a Harbaugh Bowl.  This is another game where I locked in the Ravens at +9.5 and hope to catch the middle.  I am fully aware that this looks like a even fight.  I believe that too.  Again, history tells us that this is where teams like the Ravens lose.

So there you have it.  I've made both picks that are contrary to both my rooting interest and what I would've done had the lines not moved.  Flaky to be sure, but I don't really give a shit.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rugby for fairies, Divisional Round 2012-3

While my expected result for last week's games was to split, after Saturday, and, especially after the free spin we were tossed, I'm slightly annoyed to split.  I thought Vinatieri's miss scuttled my chances at the predicted backdooring the cover, with Griffin's and Shanahan's obtuseness stubborness derailing the RGIII fluff-athon.

Between the four games, Bokolis watched- maybe- about 4 quarters in total.  I just don't care.  I did listen to a good deal of Colts-Ravens on the radio as I was making the rounds.  I'll still give my take.

I was asleep for all but the last five or so minutes of the Texans.  Upon waking up, I was thinking, a hearty thanks to everybody that bet the line down to 4.  Even with Schaub throwing a TAInt, they still covered.  With one offensive TD, it must have been quite the stinker.

It's not often in life that someone tosses you a cookie.  As soon as I saw this Joe Webb was starting, it was one of those times.

Luck moved the ball on the Ravens; he just couldn't punch it in.

To everybody suddenly riding the Seahawks' dick, how good did they look when they were down 14-0.  This game turned when a knee couldn't.

On a side note, I so enjoyed watching Notre Dame get whupped.  I was so paranoid that they'd somehow get even more calls than they got during the season.  Thankfully, they got jobbed on a call and the floodgates opened from there.  They were not a No. 1 team.  They weren't a top five team.  They played NOBODY, yet played at a level of a two-loss team.  Now, everybody can get off their dicks.  I'd've liked to see Alabama put up 60, but Saban took his foot off the gas.  I'm kind of aggravated about that.

BRONCOS (-9.5) over Ravens - This line is what it is because the QB can score.  Or, maybe, like with the Patriots below, we're paying a premium.  While I doubt the Broncos will turn this into a laugher, unless the Ravens defense steps into a time warp or Flacco has an out-of-character game, I can't see how they're going to keep within striking range.

Packers (+3) over 49ERS - Ordinarily, I wouldn't touch this game.  I can't get a feel for this.  I'm going to bank on Rodgers' playoff hisory, the Packers getting healthy and on form at the right time, a diminished DT J. Smith and the circumstances getting the best of QB Kaepernick.  That's more nice things than I can think of for the 49ers.

FALCONS (-3) over Seahawks - Seahawks will suffer the 1PM game this week.  People have bet down Atlanta based on prior playoff duds, but bet them back up to 3 late in the week.  Big mistake, as the defense is better than it was during their two pastings.  So is their sense of urgency.

PATRIOTS (-9.5) over Texans - This line is what it is because the QB can score.  Or, maybe, like the Broncos above, we're paying a premium.  I guess people will look at the regular season lashing the Pats gave to Houston.  I'm looking more at the last week (and month), where the Texans played like crap and just about won against a side that never wins.  While I think the Texans' pride will impel them to not roll over as they did last time, Bokolis will be most surprised to lose this one.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hall of Flame?

They are set to announce the voting results for the 2013 Hall of Fame class.  Notice that Bokolis didn't say, announce the inductees.  Apparently, they're not going to induct anyone this year.

I wonder how the speech list is going to go.  Will they get some umpire, or GM, or mascot up there to hum a few bars?  Maybe Bud will have something to say.  Maybe they'll just induct Dubya.  After all, the steroid era* pretty much jumped off in his locker room.

To make a point, the writers are going to freeze out everyone.  Their reasoning must be that, if the're not going to let in Bonds and Clemens- who, as the theory goes, would've gotten in without the steroids- they are not going to let in guys like Piazza and Biggio** ahead of them.

The cheating doesn't necessarily bother me, mainly because, unlike the voters, I'm not a sanctimonious fuck that thinks I have to prove a point.  I'm a narcissistic fuck who thinks I have a point to prove...to myself, of course.

It's not as if this period was distinct for its cheating.  "Cheating" has been going on as long as there has been baseball.  For that matter, cheating has been going on for as long as there's been civilization.  Anyone that thinks that drugs are out of baseball should tell that to the guys hopped up on Adderall and Provigil.

I was bothered these guys went so overboard that the veil lifted.  These guys were well beyond blatant, which is what it took for people to notice.

Bokolis is going to suggest- because they have to put in somebody (I know the votes are already cast)- put in Jack Morris.  Why?  Because, if I was stuck up in the tower and I had one game to save my life- and Pedro was vacationing in DR and unavailable- I'd run out Jack Morris.  What his pedestrian stats don't tell you is that he did what he needed to do to win the game.  If they got him 6 runs, he gave up 4 or 5, if they got him two runs, he gave up one.  As importantly, over the 15 viable years of his career, he averaged 7-1/3 innings per start.  If it came to that, I'll get Mo to get me the last five outs.

I gotcha, kid.

Can you imagine Jack Morris on the roids?  No?  Well, imagine Clemens off the roids; based on his career arc***, he'd've wound up slightly better than Morris.

* - Regardless of what the media is feeding y'all, the steroid era started in 1987, jumped off in the early 1990's and metastasized after the 1994 strike.  Also left buried by the media was that, while steroid use was already rampant by the late 1990's, starting in 1994 and running to about 2004, with the most outrageous degrees being from 1998 to 2002, the ball was juiced.  The ball being juiced was doing way more than the players being juiced.

** - By Bokolis' standards, Biggio is not a Hall of Famer.  However, based on the lower standards (Rice, Dawson, Puckett, Blyleven, etc.), he certainly fits.  After all, he has the most doubles of any right-handed batter.  Having the most of anything is a qualifier in and of itself.  Only Pujols and A-Rod have any shot of overtaking him.  The way it looks, A-Rod is going to need a new hip to catch Biggio and, let's face it, while Pujols is scheduled to turn 33 next week, he ain't no fucking 33.

*** - Assuming Clemens was on an enhanced regimen from the 1997 season, his prior 4 years suggest that, if he could even have lasted another four years- which is highly questionable- at the same performance level, he'd be at about 230-150 with about 3.20-ish ERA, 1.17-ish WHIP and over 3000K.  With three Cy Youngs and a MVP to his haul, that would've gotten him in.  As it was, his performance from 1997 onwards is HOF-caliber in and of itself.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Like the other idiots

I shirk my duties as a citizen- to question and challenge the corrupt muthafuckas governing us- by inefficiently burning off energy by watching drugged-up mongoloids perform actions that would be infinitely more fulfilling if I were out performing for myself.

So, that brings me to rugby for fairies, known to the commonfolk as the NFL.  Tournament football, even the gridiron kind, appeals to Bokolis.  While I've always known life to be a grind-it-out, longview endeavor, I love to be in the middle of it when it is hectic, on-the-clock crisis-mode.  After all, howthefuck will you ever know what you are if you never get to assess yourself in this kind of situation.  Are you the type who'd prefer to think who you are?

Like one such unnamed drugged-up mongoloid, I'm not here to talk about the past.  I'm here to prognosticate some uninteresting games.

TEXANS (-4) over Bengals:  Houston is reeling, the Bengals are rolling, are they?  I ain't having none of it.  I've seen this shit before.  The sputtering side is good for a win here.  Schaub will play better, Foster will run, the defense will do enough to see off Cincinnati, who always fucks up in these situations.

PACKERS (-7.5) over Vikings:  Everybody is riding Adrian Peterson's dick.  Great season though it was, this doesn't translate to the playoffs.  The Packers are going to stack the box and dare QB ponder to eat them.  Not many think he can do that.  Of course, if Peterson runs through the stacked box, Ponder...Ponder is going to have to beat them regardless.  Green Bay is going to throw up the same 34 they threw up last week.  Do you expect 27 from the Vikings, outdoors?

Colts (+7) over RAVENS:  I expect the Ravens to win, with the Colts backdooring the cover.  I want to believe the Ravens defense will hammer and overwhelm the rookie QB Luck, but I don't think the Ravens are quite there.  The Colts also come in on better form.  Even if Luck has a bad day, he has shown that he can play from behind.

REDSKINS (+3) over Seahawks:  Two rookie QBs for this one, neither of whom matter to me for these purposes.  They did Seattle a favor in making this the late game.  As usual, with the Seahawks, this is a home-road deal.  I'm not taking them as favorites on the road in the playoffs.

As if we didn't know

The merger of state and corporate power is steadily and surely cinching (Guardian & Ritholtz my co-conspirators) its lock on us.  The FBI, which doesn't fuck around, working in tandem with DHS and local police, put the hammer down on these Occupy cats.  The even had some help by the banks, which, while borrowing funds from the People, had private security gathering intel on people to share with the fuzz.

The corporate media was too busy trying to figure out how to pitch Occupy to bring this to light.  I'm not surprised by either, as I've been hip to the increasing degree, over 20 years, of quasi-facsist muzzling of dissent.  Media is there to bring you to advertisements, which sell you shit paid for with money borrowed from banks.

How's all that for a feedback loop?  Everything we do feeds this machine. We really are only free to work or starve.  Now, shut up and shop. 

I guess, the Devil had nothing to do, so he fucked his kids.