Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greek Style?

The three stooges involved are members/representatives of fringe political parties. The two birds are from different left-wing parties- the dark-haired is from the communist party and the blonde is from a similar, but different group- and the man is from the suddenly quasi-relevant right-wing extremists. Bokolis can't be bothered with specifics.

He is always the aggressor in the argument, at one point calling one of them the equivalent of a pinko commie. The flashpoint was when the blonde said that the people that his party want to bring in will set the nation back 500 years (forgetting, of course, that modern Greece has been independent less than 200 years and something other than a banana republic for about 30).

That’s when he slung the water at her.

His strikes showed awful form; he ignores Rocky Marciano’s point that you should be aiming for the back of their heads so you can punch through your target. As it shows, his blows had minimal impact. Also, in throwing wide and wild as he did, he left himself open to the straight right hand.

On the other hand, the brio with which he said go to hell, more in the context of aw, fuck off, was mildly impressive.

As some may know, in nations not in the western world, which includes Spain, Italy and the Redneck Rectangle, there are only two defined roles for women; that of the mother or that of the whore. Because most men, like this character, have trouble processing departures from that, women who do so run the risk of encountering the Albanian Bouquet.

Too bad for him that he doesn’t know how to lay it down.