Monday, January 13, 2014

back-doors and fish hooks

The divisional round played out all too similar to the wild card round for Bokolis. I took a bath on Saturday, only to salvage Sunday.

The Saints pulled the ol' back-door cover. Since Bokolis lost by a half-point on a back-door cover, you might say I was fish-hooked. Not fuckin' cool, bro.

Shit was settled long before the end in the later game, and sent Bokolis running to the window to press the 49ers before I skipped town. I had to lay a point and a half this time.

So, I didn't pay much attention to either Saturday game.

For that matter, Bokolis didn't watch much of Sunday's games- none of the early game and only the beginning and end of the late game. I'm guessing the late game went how I said, for once, with John Fox holding his Broncos to 24 points. I jest, of course; it was P. Manning's chicken arm that held his team to 24 points. His balls had nothing on them. It's just that the Chargers were getting blown off the ball so badly that they couldn't get it together long enough to attack P. Manning's throws.

I'm pretty sure the 49ers won that game on the second goal line stand. Forget about emboldening the 49ers, it had to have emasculated the Panthers to go down a second time and not get into the endzone. Of course, the cookie crumbled the 49ers way on that TD overturn of an incompletion. But, that is usually what happens for the better team.

After all that, it is 3-4-1 on here, 5-5-1 in the carbon-based world. Considering that 3 of the 4 games lost are from forced picks- because I HAD to pick- I don't feel so bad. While Bokolis can't stomach any of the teams left in this year's tournament, I feel that I've got a strong enough conviction on both games- definitely one- so that the picks will not be forced.

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