Thursday, November 10, 2016

You're in Trumple now

Bokolis has spent the morning after Donald Trump's electoral college victory gauging the reactions.  About the time Hillary Clinton was in trouble in North Carolina, I saw the sharks trying to short sell the equity markets- Asian and our overnight indices- slamming the US indices 5% to the downside.  This inevitably reversed itself as those shorts, knowing the jig was up, covered.  Trump playing the grace card in his victory speech heartened markets and has them dreaming of a tempered Trump.

The markets had recovered by the open and closed over 1% above the previous day.  After puckering up through the night, the snickering and the hubris returned to all those fuckers on television, with one of them saying, after the fact, something to the effect of which one of you assholes sold the lows?

It wasn't limited to the hosts.  They ran on waves of creeps who were jerking off all over themselves at the prospect of a corporate bordello.  Hooray for deregulation! was the unwavering message.  Let's get back to raping the worker and the consumer and make that stock price go! go! go!  While Bokolis agrees that raping the worker and the consumer is too often an easy trick an unfortunate consequence of these cocksuckers nearly scuttling the economy was too much regulation, these fuckers are all set to- happy medium be damned- wind the clock back 10 years, when the last set of cowboys let them do whatthefuck they wanted.  All that is missing is the countdown clock to the next bubble bursting.

As for the commoners, we have the butthurt on one side and those trolling the butthurt on the other...and, about six feet behind Hillary, Bill Clinton snickering to himself.  Bokolis hesitates to use liberals and conservatives because I don't wish to help perpetuate such perceptions as these people may have of themselves and each other.  For the most part, they are not liberals and conservatives.  They are babies, people who cannot think for themselves, who have formed and reinforced ideologies primarily through indirect information from biased sources.  In any event, their reactions are like going to a Mets-Yankees game, seeing something good or bad happen to your team and, rather than rejoicing or despairing at your team's fortune, your first action is to look over to fans of the opposition to see if they are rubbing it in or to make sure they are wallowing in despair.

Bokolis is disgusted both at the self-pity and the gloating.  I didn't want either candidate- I have a distaste for one and no faith in the other- but I never decided which one I would rather see win or lose.  To me, the only reason to choose one is for dread of the other.  That is no reason to choose, as choosing sides would've implied some measure of happiness/unhappiness with the result, some measure of self-pity or gloating.

While Bokolis doesn't think much of people, as a member of society, I fully embrace that the people have spoken (or, at least, the voting machines say they have).  Of course, they don't realize what they have said.  They have reminded us of something I've seen saying for years:  there is one country east of I-287 and west of the San Bernardino Mountains, and a whole other country in between.  Those people in between, particularly white guys, I presume, decided, we've got broads telling me what I can say, how I should spend my money, that I can't, now I've got this bitch trying to take my guns?  Fuck that!

Did y'all think that it was about e-mails and Obamacare premiums?

It probably didn't help that Hillary was running around with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim K, etc.  Those cow-towners who came to the big city thought they could, at once, make themselves cool by embracing these played-out people while disavowing their own cow-town roots were shot in the ass.

Well, here we are.  For the commoners gloating, as if Trump is going to change things for the better in any way benefitting them, Bokolis will offer the same as he offered all the kiddies who thought Obama would bring change.  Change isn't happening- about the best you can hope for is more of the same.