Monday, February 13, 2012

Shake on it

In case you didn't know, to invoke Simon Phoenix, the world has become a pussy-whipped Brady Bunch version of itself. that is to say, it's well-stocked with squirting cunts- and not the good kind, either.

Over the weekend, we saw said cunts in full spew over the Luis "Handball" Suarez- Patrice Evra non-shake. We've got all manner of pundits cum etiquette experts villifying Handball. We've got Rednose saying that Handball is a disgrace and doesn't deserve to play for Liverpool FC. Leaving aside that I happen to agree with him, albeit for different reasons, Ferguson should keep his fucking mouth shut about Liverpool FC.

In all this, hardly anyone came out to say, WTF are we doing shaking hands before the match, anyway? Since when did this become a schoolgirl operation? Can the player not have the autonomy of choosing whether to acknowledge his opponent? Say what you want, for many, sports serve as a proxy for war. If I want to search out a respected player and give him a pound, that should be up to me.

Mind you, this isn't to stick up for Handball. I held my nose when he transfered in, and they couldn't get rid of this muthafucka fast enough to suit me. When he knocked in Liverpool's goal on Saturday, Bokolis' response wasn't to cheer or to get excited at the prospect of salvaging a point from 80 minutes of crappy football and 5 minutes of god-awful football. I simply pointed out that Ferdinand- apparently busy thinking about what John Terry said about his brother- was showing his class there.

That's another fucking story.

From Handball's point of view, Evra is the rat who went and squealed on him, costing him some coin- for some bullshit that was between the two of them. So, even Handball has the right to take the stance of, fuck all y'all; don't tell me what to do. If I don't want to shake this muthafucka's hand, I ain't shaking it.

Evra chose to make it public. With Evra crying wolf, even in a she said-she said situation, they had to do something about it. At that point, the FA gets to decide- when the decision could've been Evra's alone- what's racist and what isn't. While the rational person would say that, it isn't what you say, it's how you say it, the FA doesn't have to play by that book. Not that it mattered much, as the how you say it part- go look up what was said, I'm not furthering such talk- was even worse than what was said.

Regardless, any racism shouts from anyone else are hollow shouts, coming from lazy muthafuckas that have no business shouting in the first place. These are two millionaires standing on level footing and the shit that was said was between the two of them. Evra could've handled his business. He could've called Handball out in the tunnel or wherever and stomped him the fuck out. Bokolis would've been the first one there telling Evra to fuck his ass up.

Leaving all that aside, Bokolis' position is that the players shouldn't be out there in a receiving line to shake hands. But, if they are going to line up, and Evra was willing to let it go, Suarez should've taken Evra's hand.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's OK Little Brother, the Patsies won't be Fucking with you any Longer

...texted to Rex Ryan.

Well, Bokolis wound up going 7-4 during these playoffs, backing up last year's number.

Why did I go against my team? Too many mongoloids in suits picking the Giant's made me thing that the Pats were sold short. Under If ifs and buts...Welker had two hands on the game and it slipped through them like one of his bird's wet titties.

At least it was something approaching a real football game.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Bowl

Patriots (-3) over Giants - Posting during first change of possession. No analysis offered. Oh, shit...a safety.