Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rugby for fairies...The Big Game in Big D

Packers (-3) over Steelers - You can still find -2.5, but you'd have to lay odds. If you were smart enough to snag the early -2.5, or even the opening -2.0, you should just go shopping for a +3.5 spread and hope to hit the middle. In fact, Bokolis found 7.5-1 for the game landing on the number. I don't know if that's a good price but, at 8-3, it's worth putting up a little piece of the built up powder.

If you simply must take sides, the pundits have been at it for a fortnight. I'm putting stock in playoff performance and Rodgers' numbers in ideal conditions, and downplaying all of this supposed experience.

In the same breath used to talk up Ruthlessbuggerer as potential legend with a third ring, the pundits also explain that he doesn't have to play well for the Steelers to win...some legend. They ignore that, against relatively weak opposition, he didn't do all that much to win the two he's got. Yes, I remember the final drive against Arizona. What I don't remember is seeing Santonio Holmes' second foot come down inbounds.

Therein lies the rub. All things being equal, the Packers should smoke the Steelers. But, when the Steelers are playing, all things aren't always equal. It's one thing for them to get the calls against the Seahawks and the Cardinals. They shouldn't get them against the Packers.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's his armband say now?

Fernando Torres finally got his not-so-secret wish and was shipped off to Chelski FC. Liverpool received- latest figure- 50 million quid, which they pissed away on Luis "Handball" Suarez, formerly of ajax, and Andy Carroll, formerly of Newcastle United.

Still ain't got no history, muthafuckas. That pic is owned or some shit by Getty Images...please don't hurt me.

After that move in the World Cup, it is distasteful to Bokolis to have a rat like Suarez on the team. It will pain me to cheer his goals...if he actually scores any, that is.

Carroll, I'm told, is currently the third leading scorer in the EPL. I'm told. He did it for Newcastle, which means he's unproven. Further, for 35 million quid, there surely was higher quality- both skill and star- to obtain.

Anyway, about Torres...this move has got Liverpool supporters burning his shirt. Those who do so ignore that they are burning the crest on the front as well as the name on the back.

Of course, getting worked up- as if Torres is committing some footballing crime by daring to leave the great Liverpool FC- is silliness. The shirt burners are the people who deluded themselves by clinging to the “armband” and thinking Torres was anything more than a hot, but high-maintenance girlfriend, who's a hot, but twice-a-month lay.

Facing a second year without Champions League football and the minimum 20 million quid that comes with it, Liverpool wanted to ship him out as much as Torres wanted to leave. The club was, it seems, smart enough to sell the highs.

His departure is part of the cleansing process. That means the fans should get over it...well, get over it after the upcoming match with Chelski. You know what will help: helping the rent boys come up with a chant. They usually have to resort to corrupting our chants as it is. Why not do it for them?

A chequebook turned him Red to blue,
We sang him but we always knew,
The 50 mil to Liverpool,
Show Chelski are the bigger fool,
Liverpool Number Nines!

It’s going to hurt far more if/when Stevie G leaves before anyone from the youth system develops into the role...there's Rafa still paying dividends.