Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rugby for fairies...pre-playoff talk

Finally finished taking a dump after all that crap I ate over the weekend. The NYF Giants were in the next stall.

Not to blame the Giants' awful display vs Carolina on Eli, but, if the Giants insist on paying off his contract, they should use all the suckers' PSL money to move all of Eli's salary to the uncapped year. I'll bet y'all muthafuckas think the Giant's really got suckered there, huh? As always, the fans are the real suckers; specifically, the real suckers were those who paid the PSLs. Because, after all, it was the expectation of that suckers' money that enabled the deal.

Those mooks at the NFL currently recognize Denver as 5th, the Jets as 6th and Baltimore as 7th in the AFC. Of course, if all threee win, it's the Jets 5th, the Ravens 6th and the Broncos bounced. Apparently, in a three-way tie between the Ravens, Broncos and Jets, they have to go down to the common opponents tie-breaker. The Jets would win that at 4-1. They would then revert to head-to-head to sort out 6th place, which the Ravens hold. The NFL's Mumbai customer service rep-level programmers can't write code that recognizes that the three teams will have the necessary 4 common opponents after this week, so its ranking currently ignores that tie-breaker.

It's quite likely that the wild-card round will have three rematches from the previous week. If they could somehow rig it so that Houston loses to New England...and the Steelers, Broncos, Ravens, Jaguars, the Lakers, man united, Scunthorpe, Inter, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barca and Valladolid all lose, all four will be rematches. Have fun selling this week's games.

Actually, they might not need the Jaguars.

In its myopia, NBC decided to flex the Bengals-Jets game (in 20-degrees and wind) because the Jets have to win to get in...with Ochocinco on the sideline drawing "don't fine me" signs and fucking with Jets fans (that aught to be something) for the entire second half. In front of the whole country, Cinci half-assing it just enough so that they get the Jets back at their place the following week is going to look real good.

On the subject of selling, NBC should have flexed Eagles-Cowboys for the Division and an Eagles bye. If either of them are serious about getting to the Bowl, there's sure to be more fight for that one.

I still have the vig-money left over from last year's hoo-haa, so we might as well go at this again. Ususally, Bokolis only listens to the NFL on the radio during my Sunday drives. I may get a few series in here and there, but I only watch during the playoffs. Given the three impending rematches, I'll have to start watching early this year.