Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rugby for fairies...Ray Lewis Testimonial match

As usual, Bokolis largely steered clear of the two weeks of wasted time leading up to Super Bowl XLVII...I used to be so good at Roman Numerals, but I couldn't tell you if that's 47.  Nonetheless, I heard that "they" tried their damnedest to lynch Flacco for allowing some form of the word "retarded" to come out his mouth.  Some other(s) spouted off about don't be havin' no homos in my locker room, as if the NFL isn't as gay a sport as it gets, this side of figure skating.  I heard about deer vel...huh?!  Then I remembered about IGF-1 and thought, yeah, that was some real shit right there.

I couldn't get away from the nonsense of rehashing Ray Lewis' involvment in an incident 13 years ago where two people got taken off of here.  The rehashing itself wasn't the nonsense, just that people want to keep rubbing his nose in it.  Out came the haters- as distinguished from bona fide criticism- howling about how he should be locked up and he's a murderer.  That's why they don't give y'all gavels.

Like most of them, Bokolis isn't interested in the facts of the case.  Unlike them, I'll admit as much- here's why.  Sometimes, what is worse than coming up against some more serious muthafuckas than you is to hang with some more serious muthafuckas.  If you get into some shit with some killers, unless they're in the business of knocking off cats, you can work shit out.  If it's your boys that's cooking the beef, if they're willing to take it farther than you're willing to go, you can't tell them shit...because while they're at it, they'll clip your ass too.

What I'm saying is that Ray was hanging with just such a couple of cowboys and found himself saying oh! shit! when he'd rather have just seen that shit squashed.  After helping in the cover-up- a criminal trial and civil trial later, he knows he lucked thefuck out.

Despite that he's tried to be reasonably cool act consistent with someone who knows he learned a relatively painless lesson, people continue to hate on him as if he's rubbing it in our faces.  You ask, how cool is he playing it with that pre-game dance?  Hey, men follow him and he acts accordingly.  We only see it because they make sure to show it.  Get it straight- the sports media, led, of course, buy the self-professed, are rubbing it in our faces.  Since y'all muthafuckas can't get off ESPN's dick, you're awash in fluff and the insignificant.  They will feed you whatever it takes to get you wound up because, if you're wound up, you're watching and clicking.

If need be, I wouldn't put it past them to put a couple of dead hookers in someone's room.

Ravens (+3.5) over 49ers:  I've gotten 4, but I'll use the most common line here.  The 49ers should have lost last time out; the Ravens should have lost in the divisional round.  Both of the 49ers' wins involved the opposition bitching out. The hiring of Jim Caldwell as offensive coordinator has brought out the best in Flacco, who, on his last two postseasons, has gotten Bokolis to leave him alone.  It comes down to whether you believe that the 49ers can keep the Ravens defense off-balance as they did with the Packers and Falcons, or that the Ravens will find something that works against Kaepernick and can continue to ride a productive Flacco to again do better than the previous week.

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