Monday, February 25, 2013

Come on out and Greet...

Just for shits and giggles, I looked into getting opening day tickets at shitti field so I can bring a sign that says, wait ‘til next year.  I was quickly reminded why I don’t want to give them business.  Single game tickets don’t go on sale until 3/1; if, like Bokolis, you'll have better shit to do that Friday, for now, you'd have to get one of those packs.

The one I picked let me pick one "marquee" game and 5 from among the rest.  Even though they haven’t sold out the opening day, they list it as one of three “marquee” dates- the other two being the Yankees dates.  Leaving aside that they don't let you select the cheap seats- I figure it would take them longer to come upstairs and kick me out, cunts that they are- I think they were charging $110 for outfield seats...typical Wilpon shit.  Haha!  Yeah, right.

I think the fact that they have 4 different categories of games- in ascending order, Value, Premium, Classic, Marquee- is even more insulting.  Who are they bullshitting; it's all the same shit.  The biggest insult of all is the final series against Milwaukee.  The Thursday game is Value; Friday is Classic; Saturday is Premium.  Three different categories for games that won't mean shit.  Premium means $140 for box seats that aren’t even that good.  You couldn’t pay Bokolis $140 to go there and make a mess for them to clean.

Below is a price chart, as big as I could make it, to the detriment of the formatting. Notice that, at the bottom, it says "Pricing may fluctuate due to dynamic pricing," implying that, if the Mets are still in it, they'll try and stick you up for even more money.  I presume that the flip side also applies:  when September 26 rolls around and they are so far out of it that they'll have to start 2014 five games back, these tickets will cost about four dollars and ninety-three cents.

In between now and then, if there is any karma, they'll get three days of pouring rain for July 15-17.

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