Friday, February 8, 2013

This little piggie cried...

Decio Lourenco saying fuck yo camera fool.  They say he was moving 110 km/h (~68.6 mph).

As soon as I saw the video still, I knew exactly wherethefuck this was.  Lourenco is heading down Kloof Nek in Cape Town, South Africa.  Kloof Nek is kind of the only road to get from downtown to Camps Bay- you can use Victoria Road to get to the beaches; it's more direct, but less practical- and head towards points south.  Lourenco is heading back towards downtown, starting from the turn-off for Table Mountain.  It appears to be about 6AM.  Of course, the vehicle on which the cam giving us the POV was mounted is what triggered the flash, not the skateboarder. I'm guessing the driver had the good sense to cover the plate.

Bokolis hated that sunamonbatching camera, so I take some pleasure at this cat thumbing his nose at the flash.  Beach bum that I am, I made the mistake of staying in Camps Bay- it was inconvenient to my business there- rather than in downtown.  As such, I was on that road back and forth.  Thankfully I cabbed it everywhere, because I'd've gotten enough speeding tickets to fill a wedding album.

Under it's-always-funny-until-someone-loses-an-eye, we have to balance our need for speed with our footprint on society.  While we can't have every other muthafucka firing down the hill like this, it's hard for Bokolis to call out this kid.  Frankly, this road is ideal for something like this; it would be calling me for sure.  Shee-yit, I'd've had cop cars blocking the side streets and waiting for me to take me back up.  Cape Town is basically on 40% discount for the US Dollar; with that kind of money, as Tony said, you can buy the supreme court.

Full marks to him for being minimally obstrusive, doing this in the early AM.  He also has cover from having a car trail him and they presumably understood how much clear road they had in front of them and understood the traffic patterns.  However, if he encounters a lubed-up, just-broke-night American who forgets what side of the road to drive on coming up the hill catches a pebble or some shit, it ain't like hitting a springbok.  Well, it might be; they could take his ass back to the township and eat him.

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