Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Bokolis was so giddy over hitting the middle in the early game that I didn't give a damn about the second game.  I realized that, Harbaugh Bowl and all, I could not root against Ray Lewis and the Ravens.  The world was shown yet again that, for all the cunty rules they run through to turn the NFL into arena football, football is still 90% hitting.

The Falcons succeeded in blowing that game where they failed the week before.  The 49ers kept running the same plays.  The Falcons never covered Vernon Davis, who somehow rediscovered that he could play, and were so shook on whether Kaepernick was going to run that they couldn't defend the 44 Lead.

Oh, and the 49ers DBs hold on every play, which the refs mostly let slide.  They also call penalties for incidental contact to the (Kaepernick's) helmet with an open hand (which went from a punt to a TD), but have no issue with a defender driving Matt Ryan's head into the turf.

In the last post, Bokolis told you about how the Falcons should have taken roughness penalties- I sugested to a friend that, when Kaepernick slides, they spear him and, as the first guy is rolling off of him, someone else come through for another spear...that'll learn the muthafucka- every time Kapernick involved himself in the play.  Well, the Ravens pretty much did that.  Eventually, they virtually killed a RB with a helmet-to-helmet, who wound up fumbling the ball and momentum.

I have more ways to make the NFL watchable, but Goodell is too busy hugging it up with draft picks to cut me a check and I'm not giving them out for free.

In any event, a split here leaves Bokolis 4-6 fo he playoffs on this medium and, with the benefit of capturing lightning in the line movements, 8-5 on the hard wire.

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