Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mijo Orlandito

A buddy sent along this piece about Steve Lavin and St. Johns trying to recapture eligibility for a bit-too-old recruit.

Here's a clip of this dude in action.

Has it really come to this for SJU?  Are there so few kids in this country willing to resign themselves to having to hang out at Iguana’s that Lavin has to recruit 25-year old Dominicans?  To be fair, I can't imagine the bar scene being worse, even in Mormon country.

I can see both sides of the issue. The nuances and addenda and all the other bullshit are silly but, the rules exist because they don’t want 25-year olds playing college ball. At 25, this kid really should have better things to do. If he has a b-ball fix, join a Meetup group or something. Then again, they should let him play simply for being a Dominican who doesn’t lie about his age.

To get a bit more practical and serious, the issue here is, how do you let this guy play without opening loopholes for more sinister entries? I don’t see any harm in letting this guy get his jollies with one year of eligibility. But, would, say, Calipari/Pitino/Huggins (insert your own shady ball coach here) use this to bring in all types of vagrants?  You know Tarkanian would've worked the cartels to land the finest assassin; his teams were nothing without Moses Scurry.

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