Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rugby for fairies, Divisional Round 2012-3

While my expected result for last week's games was to split, after Saturday, and, especially after the free spin we were tossed, I'm slightly annoyed to split.  I thought Vinatieri's miss scuttled my chances at the predicted backdooring the cover, with Griffin's and Shanahan's obtuseness stubborness derailing the RGIII fluff-athon.

Between the four games, Bokolis watched- maybe- about 4 quarters in total.  I just don't care.  I did listen to a good deal of Colts-Ravens on the radio as I was making the rounds.  I'll still give my take.

I was asleep for all but the last five or so minutes of the Texans.  Upon waking up, I was thinking, a hearty thanks to everybody that bet the line down to 4.  Even with Schaub throwing a TAInt, they still covered.  With one offensive TD, it must have been quite the stinker.

It's not often in life that someone tosses you a cookie.  As soon as I saw this Joe Webb was starting, it was one of those times.

Luck moved the ball on the Ravens; he just couldn't punch it in.

To everybody suddenly riding the Seahawks' dick, how good did they look when they were down 14-0.  This game turned when a knee couldn't.

On a side note, I so enjoyed watching Notre Dame get whupped.  I was so paranoid that they'd somehow get even more calls than they got during the season.  Thankfully, they got jobbed on a call and the floodgates opened from there.  They were not a No. 1 team.  They weren't a top five team.  They played NOBODY, yet played at a level of a two-loss team.  Now, everybody can get off their dicks.  I'd've liked to see Alabama put up 60, but Saban took his foot off the gas.  I'm kind of aggravated about that.

BRONCOS (-9.5) over Ravens - This line is what it is because the QB can score.  Or, maybe, like with the Patriots below, we're paying a premium.  While I doubt the Broncos will turn this into a laugher, unless the Ravens defense steps into a time warp or Flacco has an out-of-character game, I can't see how they're going to keep within striking range.

Packers (+3) over 49ERS - Ordinarily, I wouldn't touch this game.  I can't get a feel for this.  I'm going to bank on Rodgers' playoff hisory, the Packers getting healthy and on form at the right time, a diminished DT J. Smith and the circumstances getting the best of QB Kaepernick.  That's more nice things than I can think of for the 49ers.

FALCONS (-3) over Seahawks - Seahawks will suffer the 1PM game this week.  People have bet down Atlanta based on prior playoff duds, but bet them back up to 3 late in the week.  Big mistake, as the defense is better than it was during their two pastings.  So is their sense of urgency.

PATRIOTS (-9.5) over Texans - This line is what it is because the QB can score.  Or, maybe, like the Broncos above, we're paying a premium.  I guess people will look at the regular season lashing the Pats gave to Houston.  I'm looking more at the last week (and month), where the Texans played like crap and just about won against a side that never wins.  While I think the Texans' pride will impel them to not roll over as they did last time, Bokolis will be most surprised to lose this one.

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