Saturday, January 5, 2013

As if we didn't know

The merger of state and corporate power is steadily and surely cinching (Guardian & Ritholtz my co-conspirators) its lock on us.  The FBI, which doesn't fuck around, working in tandem with DHS and local police, put the hammer down on these Occupy cats.  The even had some help by the banks, which, while borrowing funds from the People, had private security gathering intel on people to share with the fuzz.

The corporate media was too busy trying to figure out how to pitch Occupy to bring this to light.  I'm not surprised by either, as I've been hip to the increasing degree, over 20 years, of quasi-facsist muzzling of dissent.  Media is there to bring you to advertisements, which sell you shit paid for with money borrowed from banks.

How's all that for a feedback loop?  Everything we do feeds this machine. We really are only free to work or starve.  Now, shut up and shop. 

I guess, the Devil had nothing to do, so he fucked his kids.

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