Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go figure

Bobby Flay knows we're disappointed that we can't watch the Food Network. That's presuming a lot.

The late game sure wasn't disappointing. While Bokolis favors low scoring and defense in all other sports, there is nothing like a shootout in gridiron football. It's amazing how, when offenses get in a comfort zone, defenses get thrown out of sorts and forget what defense is all about. Such defensive ineptitude leads to guys running up and down the field and memorable games. A defensive stop becomes as rare as a break of serve at Wimbledon. It makes the NFL so much more enjoyable, as all that scoring minimizes all the commie rules.

So ironic then, that the game ends on a defensive touchdown amid a couple of questionable non-calls resulting from misapplication of the commie rules.

I thought the Packers should have gone for it at the end of the first half, down 17 and on the 5 (or so) yard line with 4 seconds left. Trailing by 14 or 17 points mattered little, whereas 10 sounded do-able, even against the KWM*.

They get a pass on that for going with the onsides kick after their first score of third quarter. Jennings makes two spectacular catches, Woodson's fingertips finally make a defensive stop, the Packers pull even.

1:52 is all day for Warner; it was an average drive back in the Greatest Show on Turf days. He wouldn't need the 3 TOs. Well, the Cards got into plus territory, the approach became more pedestrian. They broke the golden rule of football: NEVER leave the game up to your kicker. I'd make the font larger if I could.

After the won the OT toss, the Packers, who had no business even being in this game, were poised to win it and send Bokolis to an unheard of 3-1 on wild card weekend. They went for the gusto right on the first play from scrimmage. Rodgers overthrew a wide open Jennings, who was gone, when he had no reason to.

Second down was made worse from a holding penalty. It was a hold. But, the ref, who I'm sure threw the holding flag, lets slide a clear, not incidental helmet-to-helmet hit on Rodgers. Given that the NFL has its panties in a bunch about protecting the QB, process of flagging the hold must have blinded him to the helmet-to-helmet. After calling a (declined) bullshit roughing the passer penalty in the 3rd quarter on Fitzgerald's touchdown, we can only hope that the cunt missed it.

The Packers picked up 15 from a dump-off underneath on the replay, but the runner left at least a few yards on the table, making 3rd and 5 a passing down. Rodgers knew he had to make a play, as punting would have led to a death march. His habit of holding on to the ball bit him in the ass. The blitzing defensive back stripped the ball and grabbed hold of Rodgers' facemask with his follow-through. If the ref missed or let slide the helmet-to-helmet, forget about getting the facemask called.

It's for the best. The NFL needs as much of the KWM as it can get. Cards-Vikings promises us another shootout.

KWM* - Kurt Warner Machine, from The Hater Nation, used without permission.

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Phil Staudt said...

The NFL and the networks want to have the bigger audience watching with Phoenix and St Louis and all the rest of the Kurt Warner fans.