Sunday, January 17, 2010

crashed out

wrote this sunday night, got sidetracked had to come to work to finish it.

What a fuckin' disaster! My old boss used to say that all the time. Almost always an exaggeration, he would say it with a matter-of-fact cadence (he is not an excitable guy) that would belie any disaster.

Similarly, Bokolis' 0-4 disaster- that's what happens when I pick these games without watching much of them- would be a problem if I were actually going to the window. In those days, I'd be looking to double down on college and pro basketball right about now (Sunday night). I was all too happy to se the Jets pull it out. After being on the wrong side of 3 blowouts, having picked against them, I knew they'd cover.

You'd have thought that Norv would take the heat- and, I gather that he's gotten his fair share of abuse over it. But, he also scored a contract extension. Granted, it was his team's lack of heart that did them in more than his strategy, but....errrr....huh?!?
I could see the bolts were shook, even when they were winning. The Jets are an excellent tackling team and I think the bolts tired of it. The Chargers' body language indicated that they had lost confidence, either in themselves and/or the game plan. LD fake-ass LT was nowhere, Jackson was blanketed and Quivers was too shook to throw the ball straight to anyone else.
The biggest whore moment was when Shonn Greene blasted through the hole, bowled over the DB and accelerated and separated from the rest of the bolts. That was criminally poor.
Down 10 and having to take chances, they finally got it back together.
Odd though, that Norv would go for the onsides kick with 2:14 remaining and a timeout remaining. It was a given that the Jets would run three times. At worst, the bolts would have gotten the ball with a minute and 70 yards- assuming Sproles didn't pop the return- to go. I say 70 yards because, you don't think that dodgy kicker would have made a field goal over 30 yards, do you?

As it turned out, while the kick itself was well executed, the only two players in position to recover were Jets. Rhodes bobbled and still no Charger was in the frame. The favorable field position inflated the Jets' balls- during the timeout, I texted a Jets fan, "What would Herman Edwards do?"- so as to go for it on 4th and 1...didn't count on that, did ye Norv? I think it's safe to say that Rex Ryan wouldn't have went Belichick from his own 29.
Yet, Norv escapes the heat AND gets re-upped. Maybe he could use some of that scratch to get himself a Ray Handley.
About Farve, as much as I could never stand this cunt, it's no place to bitch about his running it up after the fact. While you're on the field, you can take regulation into your own hands, fuck the sanctions. After he went up top the first time on 4th down, the Cowboys should have been looking for an opportunity to take a shot at him. That he did it again shows why they got stomped.
And Wade gets to come back, too. Awesome! And so does Bokolis, to salvage a respectable record. I've got the picks all worked out, too.

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