Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you ready for some...Rugby for fairies Playoffs 2009-10?!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, New Year, whateverthefuck else.

What's more fun than making bullshit-ass predictions? So, here we go with the wild card weekend.

So much for the scouting. Except for the early parts of Eagles-Cowboys and Bengals-Jets, I didn't get to watch anything last week. Hopefully, the three teams that got trounced last week used those games to scout...because they sure as hell didn't play.

BENGALS (-2.5) over Jets - I don't like this game as far as I can throw it. I've got to pick between a team on some serious declining momentum and a team that has to treat its QB like a son fresh out of rehab. Am I supposed to believe that the 9-3 version of the Bengals or the 1-3 version? I've got to balance that the Bengals have a big advantage at QB and at WR with the fact that they took last week off. I don't believe that the Bengals are good enough to put it on another (however dubious) playoff team. Of course, the spread doesn't say they have to put it on the Jets; just kick a field goal at the gun. Last week's game priced out the Jets. Even if I think the Jets can dominate the Bengals for large stretches, getting less than a field goal means they effectively have to win the game. The Jets can dominate and still fuck this up.

COWBOYS (-3.5) over Eagles - The Eagles were the trendy team until they got stomped thefuckout in Dallas last week. LT says that the Cowboys will never win anything with Romo because Romo doesn't have the balls to win. I'm pretty sure LT was liquored up when he said that...and, Romo isn't playing against LT. Hey, Romo may not yet have won a playoff game, but he has won 3 games in December and January this year, which is about 3 more than he had. The most unsettling part about this is, if the Eagles have the ball, down 11 with 1:45 left, you'd still have a sweat...bah, McNabb will fuck it up, like he will the rest of the game.

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