Saturday, January 10, 2015

rugby for fairies...2014 playoffs divisional round

The theme here is for those teams that blew Bokolis out of the water last week to be a dear and just go away.

PATRIOTS (-7) over Ravens - While it's always sketchy to give the Ravens a touchdown, I think we are getting value here.  Bokolis refuses to believe that last week's strong performance was anything but a case of the Steelers being weakened.  Brady should be able to carve up a suspect secondary and, if we see anything approaching a return to Revis island, the game just may be simplified enough to pressure Flacco into some errors.

SEAHAWKS (-12) over Panthers - The only question here is whether the Seahawks will be motivated enough to lay the hammer down on Carolina.  Bokolis will even lay the 7-1 on the money line, as I think Carolina has a snowball's chance in hell of winning this game.

Cowboys (-5.5) over PACKERS - Bokolis will stick with the Cowboys and their perfect road record.  Rodgers may be great, but the side is just not that powerful to me and I see the Cowboys as a bit more well-rounded.

I figure the worst that can happen here is that Romo will be driving for a winning score, but piss away the game (one more time) with an INT.  Hopefully, he comes through, causing simultaneous heart attacks for the lizard man and governor Freddy Fat Fuck.

Colts (+7) over BRONCOS - Ironically, the game that interests Bokolis the least will likely be the game that I view from the treadmill/bar.  The thinking here is that John Fox will keep this game close in ways that Luck and his flimsy supporting cast will not.

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