Sunday, January 18, 2015

rugby for fairies 2014 conference championships

Facing a 5-4 standoff, the bookmakers went and dropped a couple of spreads- both opened at 7- that gave Bokolis absolutely no feel for the games.  After a recent wobble in the lines, it's not much better, but enough to take a position, even though I don't really want to.

Packers (+8) over SEAHAWKS - Any way Bokolis has flipped this, I've found it hard to believe that Rodgers and co. will be able to improve on the drubbing in the opener so much as to pull off the victory.  I do see them improving, in part because Rodgers will be more dialed in than (and not holding back like) he was in week 1.

Bokolis still cannot see the Packers winning this game because we cannot reliably believe that the Packers' defense will handle the Seahawks attack.  While Seattle is hardly high-powered, they have little difficulty doing as much as they have to.  Frankly, I don't expect them to do more than they have to.  I'll take my chances with Rodgers and eight points.

PATRIOTS (-6.5) over Colts - Again, history tells us that this is the point where teams like the Colts bow out.  Much is being made of the sudden surge in the Colts' defensive performance, with comparisons being made to the comparable rise during the championship year.  While Bokolis does not think all that much of the Patriots, the Colts will find that, unlike the Broncos, their quarterback can still throw the ball.  The Pats should get their shit together enough to win this game by at least a touchdown.

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