Monday, January 19, 2015


After doing some back-checking, this is the 5th year running that Bokolis has sent y'all to the window with a smile.

I don't know how people still invest so much time into watching the NFL.  Right about the time the Packers had decided they had done enough to win that game, Bokolis had decided that I've had enough rugby for fairies.

Actually, with the number virtually clinched by halftime, Bokolis probably cashed the chips well before the Packers started thinking about Arizona, DUIs and tent city.  But, you couldn't convince me of that by the way the Packers played that fake FG.  I was thinking, of course it was a fake- you're the ones playing in this game; whatthefuck are you thinking?  Yes, the chances- which already weren't great- of the Seahawks coming back by playing it straight were zero.  At 16-0, was the importance of trying to stop three points so great that you wouldn't just sit on the ends?

Of course, it stood to reason that a side that left so many points on the table would also gift a few.  Hell, why not gift them the whole game; it's not like they have to stay in Green Bay after the season is over.  This time, the Seahawks didn't even need the officials to steal a game from the Packers.

Bokolis was so checked out that, the only thing I remember thinking during the Pats game was, fucking hell, all this shit the Pats do is so infuriating...unless you've bet on them.  Then they came out and said that the Pats had taken the air out of their footballs so that they could more easily throw and catch them in the rain, which flashed me to Hakeem Nicks, on the play before the Revis interception, dropping an otherwise easy catch.

While no one can seriously suggest that this made the difference, can't this muthafucka do anything on the up and up?

The line for the bowl opened, depending on whom you believe, at Seahawks laying 2 or 2.5.  Of course, that didn't last for long and the line moved to PK.  As of Monday morning, you can find +1 or -1 for a pair of teams the deserve each do remember who was the coach of the Pats prior to Belichick, no?  This may come down to the best cheater wins.

Compared to Belichick, Bokolis is on the up and up, and, at 7-4, is up for the 5th year running, going 6-1 after dumping the wild card weekend.  I'm doing more for y'all's lifestyles than your money manager.  You remember the name of the town, don't you?

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