Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 WC round post-mortem

Well, that was an awful blowjob, wasn't it?

Hey, Bokolis told y'all that I wouldn't go near the Saturday games.  Nonetheless, I did like the chances when the Cardinals had (goal to go?) deep in Carolina territory.  Then that god-awful QB threw the pick, upon which I almost fell off the treadmill.  That's when a voice said, that's why you didn't take the game in the first place.

True.  Bokolis didn't take the Ravens game, either...I'll write off that one as a bad pick.

Bokolis did get down on both the Sunday games.  It took a fair bit of willpower to avoid getting suckered into taking the over on Lions-Cowboys.

The Bengals held to form.

The Cowboys did indeed lay the egg and many feel it was a shady reversal of a pass interference call, that wasn't pass interference, but probably still should have been called, that bailed them out.  Bokolis calls bullshit.  Nobody told the Lions to punt on 4th & 1...and nobody told the punter to shank it.  Nobody told them to let the Cowboys convert on 4th & 6.

Even though the Cowboys laid the egg, once they recovered the fumble they were 50-50 to cover the...hey, where is this fucking jabook going?!?  Whatta fuckin' banana.  As if FOX had that powder on standby, they bring up that Leon Lett is coaching the d-line.

Getting out of the wild-card week at 1-3 is par for the course for Bokolis.  The silver lining is that it typically weeds out teams addled with issues and/or baggage and makes the divisional round easier to forecast.  Next weekend figures to bring with it some traction.

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