Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sol, Sol...

There was Sol Campbell, back in the Champions League, either to turn back the clock, or re-prove that even a broken one is right twice a day.

He didn't look altogether inspired, more heavy than a heavy. But he played with he urgency of a man getting one last shot at the big time and pulled Arsenal level after their keeper bundled home Porto's opener.

You know it must have burned the arse of every Spurs supporter just a little bit more to see Sol come in off the street and score in a UCL match. He probably scored while they were in the middle of one of their chants at the pub.

Well, Sol giveth and Sol help taketh away. Using tactics he must have picked up during his stint at Notts County, when there was no need to do so, he just had to get a touch on a ball heading back towards the shaky keeper, Fabianski. The keeper played no small part in this hash. No only did he fail to call off Sol, he picked up the backpass. Then, instead of stalling (to the point of getting booked, if need be) so he could get a wall set up, handed the ball right to the referee, who handed the ball to Porto.

A pass and a shot later, it was one of the easiest goals you'll ever see...clownish. Wenger was left to whinge about the referee letting Porto quickly take the indirect. This is the same mook that let Henry get way with a carry, but he can't be blamed for this disaster.

Nonetheless, the Gooners are far from fucked. But, while there is talent, they don't exactly have a striker to bag up a couple of goals. Adebayor, Adebayo-oor would be pretty good to still have right about now.

As for Milan vs the fmcs, what can I say except, Rooney is a bad muthafucka. It's Bokolis' turn to have his ass burned. I've gotten about as much as I expected out of Milan this year, but crashing out at the hands of the fmcs is never easy to take.

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