Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rugby for fairies, wildcard Sunday

0 - 2. Heading towards my typical 1 - 3 wildcard round. That's why I retired from this shit a long time ago.

Ya' think these officials called enough penalties?!

LDT is a whore, riding the bike like he's Mary Poppins. It's the Playoffs; take some horse steroids and get out there, punk. It's not like they needed him. That little fuck ran buckwild and the Colts had no answer.

It appears that P. Manning is "talent does what it can." The Colts were lucky to be in this. They lucked out twice on fumbles: the one on the kick return- that f'n guy returned two kicks 40 yards sideways towards the left...was there a power pack on that side of the field- right before the half was a fumble, and they were on the right side of Sproles' fumble into the end zone.

I don't know WTF the Colts were thinking, emptying the backfield on 3rd and short with 2:3x left. Granted, we all knew they wouldn't run the ball in that situation (they should have passed on 2nd and 4, while the bolts were still geared up for the run). But, at least give them something to consider. Look at how the Cards won the early game; two Falcons LBs jumped the back...on 3rd and long. The bolts LB had nothing to do except jump P. Manning.

Something that was left unresolved is that final punt that left the Colts buried on the one. The player that downed the punt fish-tailed and knocked over the pylon, seemingly before he landed out of bounds. I wanted a ruling on that (I mean, those fuckers called everything else), but this was never addressed by the broadcast.

With my credibility pretty much shot, it's on to new adventures. I have shit to do today, so we'll bang this out early.

Ravens (+3) over DOLPHINS - It seems logical, as the Ravens already dumped on Miami this year. Of course, the rookie QB lost yesterday and Chad Pennington is anything but. I don't think Chad and his lame arm match up well with the Ravens' D. I hope Ray Ray, Ed Reed and crew didn't visit the ol' stamping grounds this weekend.

Eagles (-3) over VIKINGS - I've taken all four road teams...hmmm. The Vikings ain't winnin' shit with Tavaris Jackson as QB, fuggedaboudet. Their fans must know that, that's why there are still tickets available on the morning of the game. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong on this one. I'd much prefer the Cards in the Meadowlands to the Eagles.

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