Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rugby for fairies, Divisional playoff, Sunday game 2

Ummm...yeah, right. That went well. The first Eli pick (I'm assuming there will be another one before I finish writing this post) was a big time fuck up. Spotting the Eagles a touchdown throws everything out of the window...there's the second pick, by the way.

That first pick was a product of bad play calling, which was suspect all game. Deep in their own territory and against the wind- after that personal foul call for blocking a dude out of bounds, they marked off from the spot where the punt was fielded, rather than spot of foul or end of the run...those commies at the NFL have so many rules that they can't get their logic straight- they call a naked waggle right. With two defenders closing in, E. Manning fluttered one into coverage. Asante Samuel didn't repeat the favor granted Eli in the Super Bowl.

That was probably the sign that it wasn't happening. But, the Giants recovered and re-took the lead. The Eagles couldn't move the ball...Steve Smith must have been terrible with eggs. I knew for sure that it was over when Carney missed the second FG attempt. So, philthy again gets the best of the Apple.

STEELERS (-6.5) over Chargers - You know how you stop a little muthafucka like Sproles; you don't try to blow him up- you hold him up so your teammates can pound the shit out of him. I told Omar Epps...I mean Tomlin as much in a call earlier. That's how it's going to work out...I think. One of these home teams has to win.

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