Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rugby for fairies, wildcard Saturday, Game 2

0 - 1. Yeah, that first game went well for Bokolis, didn't it? WTF, the Cards didn't beat a good team all year.

Atlanta didn't fire. They couldn't tackle, they didn't rush the passer, never did anything when it mattered. They gave up 3 TDs on big plays. They didn't hold momentum after taking the lead into the locker room. In the second half, they only moved the ball in what could be considered garbage time. They couldn't even give us a sweat; not even when the Cards did them a favor by running a reverse with a little over two minutes remaining, giving the Falcons a 3rd and 16 to defend. Both linebackers jumped the dump off and Warner, full credit to him tonight, found the wide open tight time. They probably would've gotten their asses whupped worse if Boldin didn't tweak the hammy.

Colts (PK) over CHARGERS - I know all the bullshit about the bolts having P. Manning and the Colts' number. I'm sure the Chargers will be game...well, we'll see if LDT- that muthafucka will never be referred to as "LT" in this space...there is only one LT- has another bitch playoff moment. Between that uncertaintly and P. Manning riding in on a 9-game winning streak (the Colts should really vote Sage Rosenfels a full playoff share), I have to take the Colts

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