Friday, January 16, 2009

Rugby for fairies, conference championships

The Steelers rounded out the last four by doing what I expect of a home team during the playoffs. They set their mark. The had a large stretch where they just pounded the shit out of the Chargers. In Bokolis' mind, the Steelers are the clear favorites to win the Bowl.

On that note, last week's split (I did split, right?) leaves me at 4-4 for the post-season. Again, we'd only be into the book for the vigs. Onward!

CARDINALS (+4) over Eagles - The Eagles trounced the Cardinals in far different circumstances. Seemingly, both of them have an easier game this week. Kurt Warner has won both his NFC championships- both at home- while McNabb and Reid are 1 - 3, one of which was to Warner.

I think the Eagles will run out of steam in the desert. Sure, they defeated the Giants without getting anything from a banged-up Westbrook. But, their defense will have a lot more to do in this game. Brian Dawkins, tough as they come, didn't look so tough trying to tackle Brandon Jacobs. I don't think he'll be effective against Boldin...if he can even get close enough to hit him. They won't have the luxury of the elements making for an inept QB. They won't have the luxury of knowing that the opposing QB can't beat them. If Warner gets the chances Eli had early in that game he will take those chances. If the Giants could get open, the Cardinals, who know how to take the game to the defense, surely will. Getting 4 points is gravy.

STEELERS (-6) over Ravens - It's uncomfortable to lay six against the Ravens, especially after winning twice with them. They don't give up much more that six. But, as with the Eagles, this is a case where the Ravens will run out of steam. While they hit the Titans hard, they didn't exactly dominate. They were on the right side of the key plays and key calls. The puncher can't win every fight, especially when up against another bruiser at less than full strength. The Steelers have the big-play capability that the Dolphins and Titans did not, so I see them making the big plays here, with the Ravens fading in the second half.

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