Wednesday, January 7, 2009

more Rugby for fairies

2 - 2 after the weekend. I'd be ahead of the game, only owing the bookies the vigs instead of my ass. I've always done better during the Divisional round...probably because I can no longer bet on the three saps that buried me.

I didn't watch the Ravens maul the Fish, but it went to plan. The bandwagon for a repeat of 2000 Purple Reign is now boarding. Now, they're nowhere near that good. That team would have never gotten steamrolled like they did against the Giants in Week 11. That team could have played defense for 60 minutes and still won. But RayRay still gon' fuck somebody up.

I watched 2 1/2 quarters of the Eagles. One of the dudes in the room kept bitching for the Eagles to run the screen to Westbrook. I explained to him that they have to set it up; you can't just run a screen wheneverthefuck you want. Of course, I was gone by the time they actually ran it, so I can imagine the dude was screaming "I told you to run the screen to Westbrook!" at the TV when they scored on it. The bandwagon for the-Eagles-are-this-year's-Giants is now boarding. Yeah, I'm not too happy we have to play these muthafuckas. There's time to get into that.

So, we move to the Divisional round. As indifferent as I've become to the sport, for my money, it's the best weekend of the season. A long time ago, some dude figured out- now, were going back 15 years, like, as of 1993- (aside - I used to have this, like, magic book n'shit, that a mailman buddy of mine pulled out of...hold on, let me stop there- I don't know the statute of limitations on that one and that shit's federal...anyway, I was like that coach in The Waterboy that stole the playbook) that the teams that had the bye were about 71% ATS in the Divisional round. I'd sure like to know what those numbers are today. I'd also like to know what the breakout is by home team and away other words, the Divisional record of the team that won at home the previous week and the Divisional record of the team that won on the road.

My guess would be that the teams playing their second consecutive road game fare better. In this case, it would mean that the Ravens and Eagles have a better chance than the Cardinals and Chargers. Now all we need is for someone to do it. Hey, if I had that kind of time, I'd post more often.

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