Sunday, June 1, 2008

Willie not Freed

So, Willie wasn't shit-canned. It's just as well; as was discussed, these issues aren't his doing. While it's too early to tell, I can only hope that these chumps were shaken out of their comfort level and get it moving. Here's the rundown:
Monday, on the heels of the meeting and press conferences, they were flat.
Tuesday, they beat a 4-A pitcher with their ace.
Wednesday, they pulled the game out of their ass, twice coming back from deficits while down to their last three outs.
Thursday, with the help of a catcher's interference call, they beat a guy who never wins at the dump.
Friday, after chasing a 20 year old making his second MLB start, Heilman- Doug Sisk re-incarnated- coughed up the lead.
Saturday, after sleepwalking through seven innings, Beltran finally hit a breaking pitch (granted, it didn't break).
Sunday...don't know. I've been staring at Stacy Nelson's legs and ass. I'm sorry I couldn't get you an ass shot. That's all the UFAA had to offer. Why was I watching chics play softball? As a (world) football nut, the fact that one score is so damned important makes this compelling. Let's just leave it at that.

As for the Mets, Petey coming back has to help, but they go as Reyes goes.

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