Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are you ready for some footbaaalllll!!! Group A Day 2

CZE 1-3 POR - A fun watch, especially the first half. Portugal is a little better than the Czech Republic, as the Czechs, having nothing resembling Barbie, are just not as strong as they have been. The match proved as much. Poof-naldo hit a fantastic one-timer for the clinching goal. Portugal then caught the Czechs napping- or searching the crowd for the next porn starlet- and stole a third at the end. Once again, Poof-naldo wasn't sufficiently impressive overall for the level of his hype, even against a side not terribly interested in defending. But, he deserves full marks for that strike, even if he was preparing to dive in case his shot went awry. I want to abuse him for that, but I'm somewhat impressed by his having the wherewithal to plan ahead like that.

SUI 1-2 TUR - I wasn't going to watch this game. I can only guess that the Swiss stayed in the locker room for the second half and the Turks managed to score twice- and needed stoppage time for the second- while left alone on the field. Seriously, the Turks are marginally better than the Swiss, who probably wouldn't be playing were they not hosting. That said, the Turks did well to pull out this road match and have given themselves a shot at advancing with a result against the Czechs.

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