Thursday, June 26, 2008

Über Alles

GER 3 - 2 TUR - Über the Turks, anyway. Ironically, the Turks go down when they took the game, to say the least, to the Germans. The Germans, apparently looking to manage the match rather than play it, spent the first part of the match on their heels. As was speculated in a previous post, the Turks literally stumbled into a goal. The Germans then put their foot on the pedal and quickly equalized. Nobody can pull back a game like the Germans.

The second half brought more fireworks, figuratively and, possibly, literally. Unfortunately, the world didn't get to see it live because the feed kept going out. It was spun as a bolt of lightning...three bolts apparently, that's why the feed went out three times, right? The most entertaining part of that was when the worldwide leader was fumbling around, trying to disguise that it does not have commentators on-site...because that's how a worldwide leader would roll.

Anyway, a pair of goalkeeper mistakes led to clinical finishes by each side, with the Turks pulling back the German advantage. Finally, Lahm, who had been carved up all match on defense, hammered home on the end of a beautiful combination. Thus, the Turks are vanquished, but it took some doing to finally bury them.

This can't bode well for Germany in the final. Except for a free kick strike, Ballack has been nowhere. Say what you will about the Turks' spirit but, if they can carve up the Germans as they did (with half a team), what will Spain (or Russia) do to them?

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