Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, we've reached the semis. Once again, my wishy-washy predictions are there for all who care to see. The teams I want to win are bolded.

GER - TUR - The Turks will have six more missing through injury or suspension. Discounting their guts, once again, I will pick against them. While Turkey have pulled out matches from their asses (careful) against the Swiss, Czechs and Croatians, I can't believe that, even though this German team is nothing special, that Turkey will be able to take out a top-level nation. Nothing indicates that Turkey can hold the Germans to less than one goal. With anyone capable of creating sidelined, there's no way the Turks can stumble into two goals. I find it hard to believe that they'll even score one.

RUS - ESP - Since Spain beat Russia 4 - 1 in the first round, Russia have this in the bag. You have to think that the Russians are far more motivated this time. Still, a lot more has to go right for the Russians and wrong for the Spaniards to turn around that result. This is possible because, despite having top shelf talent, Spain have always met with disappointment.

Russia can match Spain's pace, but will have to take away the Spaniards' spirit to win this match. More importantly, the Russians will have to, as Andy Gray (long a Bokolis favorite) would say, take (finish) their chances...because I just can't see Russia holding Spain to one goal. A five-goal shootout, with the Spaniards getting the odd goal, must be the most popular result, setting up the preferred (by the burocrats) final. But, don't underestimate Guus.

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