Friday, June 13, 2008

Are you ready for some footbaaalllll!!! Group B Day 2

I was waiting for everybody to finish calling Croatia's win over Germany an upset. Generally, I only hear Tommy Smyth's bad comedy act. But this tournament has showed me that, as an analyst, he is football's answer to Joe Morgan. He's been watching football for 50 years, but he knows nothing about it. Just like Morgan, when he is proven to have made an invalid point, he chases that mistake right off a cliff. Now, I understand that the man trades solely on his brogue.

HRV 2-1 GER - Croatia got the better of an ordinary German squad. There was no upset, the Croatians weren't lucky. As was explained, the Croatians are a dark horse in every tournament they enter. Right about now, that horse is isn't so dark.

AUT 1-1 POL - I wasn't sitting through this match. From what I understand, Poland has a pet Brazilian who put them out front, only to be vicimized (I saw this part) by a blatant case of home cooking. That penalty call was awful. This was the only way they were ever going to score. Their borrowed Croatian stepped up and drilled home the penalty- I think it was mentioned that Croatians don't miss penalties.

If Platini has channeled David Stern- and Austria get a little more home cooking against Germany- the Germans could have themselves a Euro party at Frings' villa next week.

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