Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vicious Cyclist

On the day the Apple will re-elect a carpetbagging cunt from Boston, Bokolis figures he'll talk about one of the fruits of his labor. The ubiquity of bicyclists has been brought about by the Mayor's continuing efforts to emasculate the city and create more traffic in places where there wasn't enough of it.

The cafe-style seating by Herald Square and by 14th and 9th is bad enough. but, we've now got bike lanes all over the city, even on side streets. Just about every street south of 14th has one.

Given such impetus, the cyclists have their cunts up in the air. They don't follow the rules of the road, they drive in your blind spots, think you're supposed to see them and have the balls to talk shit on top of it. I tell them- cause these muthafuckas gotta learn- when the train's coming, get the fuck off the tracks.

Tangent alert!
Global warning and greenhouse gases be damned, Bokolis drives just about everywhere. While I have no problem running the equivalent of a few miles on a soccer pitch or 15 or so miles on the exercise bike, walking 3 blocks to my destination is out of the question. Even when hopping around in the city, unless the prospect of finding parking is so daunting, I will drive to the next stopoff. These 20-something birds look at me like I'm the type of guy who would kick their puppy...with that air of, damn, I might have liked this guy, but that is such a dick move. I don't explain myself because I don't give a fuck. Once you start reacting to birds you're done being a man. It's all good, though, because birds like that don't shave their box (what about those greenhouse gases, right?), meaning they were never in play.
/tangent alert

Most people would bemoan the lack of a legislation reining in these jagoffs; not Bokolis. The last thing Bokolis wants is more rules. I might just be pissed because I can't hammer down in the city like I'm used to.

That extends to enforcement of such rules, even for these muthafuckas. So, I was disgusted when I got an e-mail this morning (from the same homeboy...it may seem that Bokolis only has one friend...as I've explained, I keep them electronically limited...just one friend with my work e-mail) that a friend of mine was ticketed for running a red light while on her way to work...on her bicycle.

Boy, those are some desperate cops. With all the shit going on in Brooklyn, is this what they're enforcing? For taking a bite out of the working man's ass, they should be embarrassed. Williamsburg has already got Skid Row written all over its future. Perhaps they'd like that neighborhood (not Williamsburg) to go back to the way it was, when thugs, thugs who had no problem clipping one of them, rolled chumps in the streets.

She should have never handed over ID. I've always felt that, most of the times a cop gives you a ticket, you've been hustled. This is no exception. That would drive me crazy. I definitely would have gotten into a confrontation because I couldn't live with myself if I didn't.

Aside- Now, you may use one of those PBA cards that your cop friends give you. Using one of those would go against a lot of Bokolis' principles. Besides, as I used to tell my cop friends (back when I had them) when they'd offer a card, they don't want me telling other cops that I know them. I'm a true friend.

But, as it was said in a bad movie, there's no such thing as a cake walk in Brooklyn. In this case, it's one more reason not to bike.

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