Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's ya boy Bangs

So I got friends that, not unlike half the blogging public, spend all their time searching for stupid shit on Youtube.  They found this guy.  The guy is from Sudan and has apparently recently moved to Melbourne (Australia, not Florida).  Without commenting on his flow or the audio and video production, if this is not some Borat-type put on, guaranteed this muthafucka winds up with a major before too long.  He may wind up with a major regardless.  If Juvenile can get a deal, anybody can.  Bokolis will do his little part; but his flow speaks for itself, doesn't it?  The album drops Dec. 4.  Make sure you pick that up.

Maybe he can take Liz to the movies.  Bokolis will be jealous.


Transor Z said...

The SPED kid at 2:15 is perfect.

Eddie Murphy and the late Bob Wills have nothing on his gentle little Sudanese "Ha!" hook. Major label fo sho.

Is his girl's name Shirley?

Bokolis said...

I guess it was too much to hope that "take you to the movies" was some inside code for making a sex video or something.

I'm told the "Ha!" was hijacked from 50, which clinches that Wills had more soul than this guy.

Shorty Hemphill, I believe.