Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Every Week should be Browns v Lions

The Hater Nation- always get a kick out of the SoCal boys giving the Northeasterners shit; y'all had us at the weather and you've kept the hot birds and sent the average ones east- may have stumbled onto brilliance in suggesting that the Browns and Lions, on the heels of that barnburner, play for the number one draft pick on the Sunday before the Super Bowl.

I'm assuming the winner gets the pick. Of course, with two wins, the Lions would be out of this year's running, as Cleveland, Tampa Bay and St. Louis all currently have one apiece.

One hurdle is that, if this is a neutral (Super Bowl) site deal, who would show up? If it works out that no one shows up for this year's Pro-Bowl, they might consider a double-header. Even better, because no one should have to sit through 6 or 7 hours of low-level rugby for fairies- with the talent pool trained, we don't need a full sixty of an all-star game and we certainly don't need a full sixty of 2-14 or 1-15 teams- ratchet up the intensity by making both games 30 minutes.

Getting a television audience should not be an issue, as Americans fiend for the gridiron version and go through withdrawal during the lag. We'll leave it to the marketing folks as to how to fill the joint.

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