Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crap footie and Halloween

So, we lost the fucking game. Granted, everybody played out of position and we started shorthanded because three lads showed up two minutes after kickoff. But, a ton of shit still had to go wrong. Two light beers and right home...a bunch of cunts we are. We wound up second. I don't necessarily like our match-up, but we'll have the later start.

Anyway, Halloween is coming. We've been blessed for this year and next, as All Hallows Eve will fall on Friday and Saturday, respectively. We'll be hard-pressed to match 2004, when Halloween last fell on a Saturday. The weather cooperated (it was about 60 in NYC that night), so the birds were costumed to their sluttly best. This year, we're looking at an evening in the 40s...long coat weather.

Apparently, Halloween is a week long experience for some. I saw a few cats in costume last night on the subway. For me, it'll the old standby; the (Burger) King. That shit doesn't get old. I can't believe that no one has pulled out a Whopper after laying out a WR...or even simulate it. It'd be totally worth the 15 yards, especially if it were TO or Randy Moss. Since Moss pretty much only runs sideline routes, you could probably have a dude standing on the sideline with an actual Whopper.

I know some birds going, as a tribute to their career "resurrection" (not that I'd know), the Spice Girls. The Posh outfit came with a half-gram.

Captain Morgan will work, too. But, I mean the actual Captain, not the bullshit stunt with the van that those shlubs pull on the TV ad. If a dude needed to match outfits to break the ice with a bird on Halloween, that muthafucka might as well stay home.

But, I'll admit that the plug-socket and bunny-carrot have the requisite sexual overtones. And, if you're weird enough to go as a plug and you actually meet a bird weird enough to go as a socket, you two were indeed made for each other.

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