Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I don't consciously read the New York Times- well I'm semi-conscious while I read, maybe. I usually have to be steered there by (my) Media Assassin (Harry Allen, I gotta ask him...) or Riese. Riese actually sends me to a lot of cool places, but they never let me in.

I typically get stuck surfing and read all types of dumb shit, like this bit of hard news. Brett Favre is suspected of dumping a bodybagged carcass into a teammate's locker, stankin' his shit all up.

Sure, killing some animal for some shits and giggles is a little fucked up. I'm not making any PETA arguments. I'm just saying...if Favre wants to pull a prank, he needs to up the ante to, say, a dead Jersey City hooker or the Jersey Devil. And not that jersey devil.

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