Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Once again, what's a tournament without some wishy-washy predictions. Qualifier: I'm typing staring at a 4-2 Dodger lead...make that 5-2- Manny is sick. I had shit to do.

Brewers over Phillies in 4 - Besides Fuck the philthies, even though I think they got away with one today, I was willing to give the philthies the first game. Hamels is kind of good, but Sabathia is pitching the next three. Besides, the Brewers bungled away that game. What's that? That's why they're going to lose? Sabathia is only going game two? Fine, scratch that, philthies in 5, then.

Dodgers over Cubs in 3 - Are you kidding me? It's the Cubs. All right, 4 games, no Bartman moment necessary.

White Sox over Rays in 4 - In the Sox, I see a bunch of guys who know how to get it done. The Rays are a crew of greenhorns. I have discounted the Rays so much that, now, they are sure to reach the World Series.

Angels over Red Sox in 4 - Besides Fuck Boston, even though the Red Sox have had the Angels' number, they are not at full strength. I think they go quietly and the Angels get revenge.

Dodgers over Phillies in 5 - Besides Fuck the philthies...all right it's all about Fuck the philthies. I just think the Dodgers are better and are rounding into form.

Angels over White Sox in 6 - Isn't this also a revenge issue here? So, the Angels are settling family business. I think the White Sox will run out of steam.

Dodgers over Angels in 7 - At the critical point, K-Rod's arm, in his attempt to throw a slider, will come unhinged and accompany the ball towards home plate. Manny will hit ball and arm (and whatever else makes it to the plate) out of the yard to seal the deal. Torre gets another ring and Steinbrenner croaks.

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