Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer Swallows Pride

We just had a fun few days around the Apple. Our governor, with is old lady peeking over his shoulder as if she wrote the speech, resigned on Wednesday after getting bagged for nailing some high-priced call girl. It can only get more salacious from here.

You won't get a morality play here...ok maybe a little bit, only because Spitzer has to face his daughters. You can't get caught doing shit like this when you have 3 daughters at home. Granted, they won't be on the Pole any time soon. But, it takes men down about 10 notches in their eyes when their old man is bagged for nailing some broad barely older than they are, making it that much harder- which their embittered mom will surely see to- for the rest of us, when the time comes.

On a parallel with the steroids in baseball deal, how does a former US AG not know how to be shady? Doesn't he have someone to line up the pussy for him? Why the fuck is he moving money out of his own (traceable) bank account to do this shit? That's what soft money is for.

At $4,300 a pop, that's a lot of soft money. As it turns out, this broad is some Jersey girl. This is where I have the biggest issue. Since Jersey girls are all too willing to give out the pussy for free, men should not engage in any action that will allow Jersey girls to assign a value, tangible or intangible, to their holes. Take heed, as it will be a sad time when guys can no longer go down the Jersey Shore and bag up drunk Jersey and/or Philly girls.

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