Friday, March 21, 2008

Like Crack Cocaine

The first two days of the tournament are like crack cocaine. I usually burn two vacation days. Thanks to an early Western Easter, I get to stay home today and degenerate. Here's a look at my bracket before it gets shot to hell.

The scoring system has a seed multiplier, so picking the 8-9, 7-10, 6-11 match ups correctly is even more important than correctly picking 3 1-seeds and a 2-seed to make the Final Four.

Because I build the brackets backward (working back from the final), I usually get hammered in the first two rounds, but run down (most of) the field on the second weekend. With the seeding multiplier, if I take a stand against a team (like Memphis), I'll try to knock them out a round early and pick up points on the whole field.

I couldn't really build backwards this year because I've watched virtually no college ball (I've been playing soccer all winter...more on that in another post). Consequently, I didn't take as many chances in the early rounds and, with the exception of UCLA (am I really supposed to believe that anyone in the West can knock them off), all my Final Four picks are lukewarm.

I have to take a stand against Memphis; they build the Projects at the line, which promises to bite them in the ass. I know UNC is stacked, but Roy Williams is a fraud. Of course, for all I know, Louisville may not make it out of the first round. KU also has a sick team, but they always manage to fuck it up. I can't knock them out because I don't see Georgetown as a team capable of putting together 4 big games. I didn't watch their game, but I think I might have slept on K State.

With all the blowouts and chalk yesterday, you have to figure that Madness is due.

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