Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Crash

After two days of the crack, I wake up at 12:20 to find no tournament on the tube...I've got the DTs.

Overall, I'm 24 out of 32, with 14 of 16 Sweet Sixteen picks still alive (I figure on losing 3 more over the weekend), tucked in nicely behind the leaders. Given that I lost all four Friday Tampa games, it could be far worse.

Speaking of far worse, I watched the end of Villanova in a bar after the fun job. Nine Goose n' tonics later, I was a staggering mess. I barely pulled it together. I took my customary 3-hour nap in the car, then went hammer-down back to the house. 18 minutes from the Meatpacking District to northeast Queens is pretty good time. After another 3 hour nap, I'm back at the fun job. Except for being able to blog during some unexpected downtime, it's not so much fun right now.

Actually, blogging wasn't much fun, either. Now, if I could give you stream-of-conscious commentary as I'm sitting there getting hammered, dodging ditzes and fat broads, we'd have some marketable content. I'm going to look into having someone wire me up.

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