Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Same ol', same ol'

Bokolis swept though the conference championship round, even tossing in the under to go with the Packers, with the three wins taking the post-season record to 8-3. Bookies all over nowhere are scratching their heads.

Driving home Sunday from way up north- I may get into that another time- I was stuck listening to New York sports radio incessantly push the Jets to take out the Steelers. Having a slightly sturdier backbone than the politicians who are similarly lobbied and, knowing Jets fans are dumbshits on the level of Philadelphians, I resisted the temptation to switch up to the Jets.

I was in and out of the first game. The game was no fun, as it seemed like Rodgers and the Packers were carrying the Bears like Mayweather carried De La Hoya.

The fuss was about Cutler coming out with a creaky knee. Fellow players violated for twatting about what a chump he is for begging off. As Urlacher said, jealous muthafuckas talk shit cause that's all they're worth. Damned staight, those chumps wish they could've been in the game to get arm tackled by a QB. At least when that DB from Indy was tackled by Ruthlessbuggerer a few years back, the QB was the bigger man and the DB had the excuse of having been stabbed in the leg by his DreamKiller that very week. For fuck's sake, the way Urlacher moves like he has two left feet, you'd never know he used to return punts in college.

Deion Sanders, who, at best, can be considered a pundit at this point, whinged, conveniently forgetting that he couldn't tackle the guy holding the down marker and the games he missed because of turf toe or some shit. I remember thinking that, the way Cutler made his final throw, he's got nothing.

I was no less disappointed that the twatters. Bokolis picked the Packers primarily because of a lack of faith in Cutler. I didn't need some plucky back-up in there moving the team, all of the sudden. The second guy was as useless as Cutler, but the third guy got it going.

It was unsettling watching the Packers gift the Bears the 14 points that they did. It was REALLY unsettling watching the Bears drive down for the tying score, which, after a quick score by both sides, would've wrecked my hedge. Having watched the last five Packers games, they have always gotten the picks when they've needed them. That whole drive, I was wondering when the interception would come.


I immediately picked up that the Jets were not getting tacklers in position against Pittsburgh...not missing tackles as the pundits would have you think. Some people can play defense by letting teams come at them, but they're not known to the socialized world. On the other side of the ball, the Steelers attacked the Jets, getting the jump on them because they seemingly knew the plays. Once they fell behind by 10, you could see that Sanchize was pressing. He was holding the ball longer and, when he did pass, trying to force it in. He got caught out there for 24-0.

24 points had to bee too much. I fell asleep as the Jets were lining up for the field goal that would open their account. Even the chuckle I had to myself- the same ol' Jets, putting me to sleep- couldn't keep me awake, as, after the weekend I had, it was just about bedtime.

Bokolis woke up in the middle of the night to birds playing tennis; not in my room, though, I'm sorry to say. Don't sneer; after Saturday night, slightly less far-fetched...like I said, another story. Nonetheless, I expected to wake up to a 27-10 final. When I saw 24-19, I was a little more interested to see what happened. I gather someone called the 2nd half comeback "gallant" or some shit.

It couldn't have been, and the highlights proved it. The Steelers never had to stop the Jets. They didn't even have to field an onsides kick. And...and, when the Jets needed to stop the Steelers on that last drive, twice, they couldn't. That leads me to think that, maybe they mussed up the Steelers' hair a little, but the Jets only got close because the Steelers let them.

So, as the Jets fans tuck their cunts back into their knickers, the real men continue onwards.

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