Friday, January 21, 2011

Rugby for fairies...2011 Conference Championships

Ummm, yeah, right back down to earth. A crappy 1-3 later, Bokolis is 5-3 for the playoffs. I can't claim any Tom Jackson bullshit, that I was trying to motivate the Jets by picking against them. Actually, the last 40 minutes or so of that game went about as I expected. It's just that I'd expected the Patriots to have had a 21-0 lead by then. The Ravens pissing away that game would have bothered me far more. The Falcons weren't ready for prime time...should have picked up on that...whatevs.

Packers (-3.5) over BEARS - The Packers are everybody's comfortable pick. The only things not comfortable are the wood we have to lay and the fact that the referee was part of the crew that flagged the Packers 18 times in their Week 3 loss to the Bears. The Bears were in garbage time from the second quarter last week. They did everything in their power to help the Seahawks backdoor cover. To pick the Bears is to place faith in Jay Cutler...yeah, right. While we're dicking around, let's also take the under (43.5) as a hedge. If the Bears win, I'm pretty damned sure that it won't be a track meet.

STEELERS (-3.5) over Jets - The Jets fans have their cunts up in the air like never seen. I'd tell them to act like they've been here before, but they haven't, really. This is their fourth AFC championship game and, while all have been on the road, this one has to be the one the fans feel that they have the best chance of winning. They probably had an excellent chance in '82 against a weak Dolphins team. But, the fish management decided to let the rain turn the Orange Bowl into slop, muddling the Jets and resigning them to watching A.J. Duhe run away with the AFC championship (A.J. Duhe, btw, was reputed to be one of the biggest pussies in the history of pussies). They were tough for a half in Denver, but got popped with a bomb right out of the locker room. Even last year, they were right there before Greene was injured. Might they finally break through?

History tells us not so. Bokolis has always said that the price that the Jets (and Chiefs) pay for winning rigged Super Bowls is that they don't get to go back until everybody else gets a turn. As it was, I think they were the last team that was around at the merger to win a division. The Bucs, Panthers, Cardinals and Saints were big hurdles. But, I believe that the only teams that haven't been to one since are the Browns, Lions, Jaguars and Texans. Is Karma going to make the Jets wait around for them?

This time around, the Jets have nothing to avenge. They defeated the Steelers in the regular season, ending their oh-for-ever losing streak in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were without Polamalu and Heath Miller and had some pretty horrid play calling, while the Jets popped the opening kickoff. The Jets have done well improving the ride for themselves coming out of the gate (vs. reg. season) in all of their playoff games under Ryan. I'm thinking that it's the Steelers' turn to make the Jets uncomfortable.

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