Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dutch Treat?

Sylvie van der Vaart showing that her old man ain't got shee-yit on her.

video via El Comercio

aside- I guess he's not her "old man," is he? WTF is Rafael van der Vaart doing with a bird 5 years older than he is? Bah, she's doing better than his already washed-up ass...AND she's had to fight off breast cancer.

El Comercio asks its readers, toungue-in-cheek, hopefully, whether this Dutch trick is real or fake? I haven't seen such bad posture on the ball since Desailly was playing for Milan. Moreover, there's no way anyone without proper form on a high-five can juggle a football...none, fuckin' fuggedaboudet.

If they wanted to get a broad to juggle a football in heels, they should've just brought in Poof-naldo and taken the scratch they saved on the CGI to order up a few call girls.

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