Saturday, October 10, 2009

God is a Yankees fan

The Yankees went up 2-0 in the ALDS, defeating the Twins 4-3 in 11 on Texeira's game winning HR to lead off the Bottom 11th. That it was game winner, as opposed to game tying (or merely getting them closer) shot, has much to do with a blown fair/foul call on Joe Mauer's fly ball down the line during Top 11.

those pictures may be owned or something by Getty images. Hopefully, they won't get too bent out of shape that I'm using them here.

As any Yankees fan- probably one of those guys that screams at you to take off your hat during God Bless America, or screams at a guy in a military uniform to take off his hat during the national anthem- will tell you, they are God's team and they would've won anyway. Though God had nothing to do with having Mijares in the game, God must have seen to it that some (DNA) got in Phil (s)Cuzzi's eye at just the right time. See the kicked up dirt a little below and to the right of center: that's where the ball bounced.

Of course, this is just the latest and a glaring example of a blown call that everybody could see. If you were focused, you saw it fair live; calls don't get worse than that...and they blow a lot of calls.

That will surely drum up renewed calls for expansion of instant replay.  Whether the umpires make the call from a viewing booth- which should be in open view, between the end of the net and where Giuliani sits- or it comes down from a command center at MLB (someone Bokolis knows has offered himself up for the job), it's not that hard to pull off. I could draw out the logistics of how it should be done, but that misses the point. Until proper replay is set up, the whole thing is little more than WWF (I use the erstwhile name, not whateverthefuck they call themselves now).

Now, if Cuzzi and C.B. Bucknor- who blew at least 3 calls at 1B in Game 1 of halos-sox- were on the same crew, I'd think that every call- every dust-off of home plate for that matter- would be subject to video review.

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