Monday, October 26, 2009

I gotcha demons right here

As Bokolis has told many people, too much firepower. Continuing on the previous post, my buddy agreed that, with Pettitte and CC against Saunders and ??, it was a moot point.

Girardi again tried to squeeze more outs out of his starter. It was almost a carbon copy of Game 5. He got an out (just about) in the 7th, followed by a hit, at which point he went to Joba, just like Bokolis (see last post) would've done in Game 5. Of course, it seems like a much smarter idea when Joba comes in and gets two outs from 7 pitches. It also helps when Jeter boots the grounder and it goes straight to Cano, who was on the bag.

While the Yankees got the breaks and the bounces, they have too much firepower. I see them as a half-notch below a super team (not playing especially well and with a middling manager) that, despite blunted firepower- 2 HR in three games, one of them a short porch special- because the ball is not carrying, took all three at home.

The ending would have been much more interesting had the halos not flubbed the two SAC bunts. Mo wasn't that sharp and I thought the halos were on him. Having scratched out one, they must have felt they could get one more. But, I see all the mistakes they made as their inevitable succumbing to the pressure of having to play against such a strong team. While you can argue that they could/should have won Game 2, I could argue that they shouldn't have won any. So the two games Girardi gifted them is probably a good result in the end.

Moving on, it's not impossible for the philthies to win here. They are the holders and can match up firepower closely enough. They even have a horse that can match CC and there's no indication that the Yankees will play much better than they have. But, the philthies are going to find out the hard way that they're not playing the Mets. Uncle Chollie's bad moves figure to, at the least, neutralize Girardi's, they have no idea what they'll get out of Pedro and Hamels and I have no faith in anyone in that the point that, assuming that they could get Lee out after 7, I'll spot the philthies a 2 run lead after 7 in every game and would still bet on a sweep.

I'd want some odds, though. Yankees in 6, carbon copy of the LCS.

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