Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keepin' it Real Goes Awry

Continuing on an earlier theme, Bokolis takes a slightly more than passing interest in tennis. The draw for me, aside from the bodies on these birds, is that you're on the clock, alone; no coach and, the cunt moves notwithstanding, no strategy session timeouts.

So, I've written about Williams Brother Serena being the pimp of women's tennis. This past evening, she tried to pimp-slap someone with a trust fund, so to speak. Of course, her target is not part of the game, so she effectively got herself DQed, sending Clijsters to the final.
Aside - Clijsters is a personal favorite of Bokolis. Her old man was a footballer and she was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, albeit less so nowadays. She actually seems to be in better shape than before she gave birth. Big up yourself Kim, I'm happy to see you back, but this isn't about you.

While there was no crip walk, I'm pretty sure I saw Serena flash the Wu-Tang sign at some point. Bokolis will break it down worthy of Serena's pimp hand.

The high-brow world (READ: mainstream media) will overdramatize this tirade as a "meltdown." They will show the clip and bleep out the bombs so as to make it appear bestial, as if she lost control and was really on the brink of shoving that ball in the official's mouth. It's being called an "ugly" display.

This is because we're slowly turning into the English that are turning into the French. And, we are NEVER supposed to question authority, much less ream them the occasional new one.

Jehovah couldn't have been too happy with her vernacular (check the handbook; I'm not up on how they take to cuss words and swearing to God), but, of course, that's all bullshit. What's ugly, apart from that troll (and Serena, for that matter), is that, on the grandest stage, this is who is officiating.
Tangent Alert!
This isn't the first time Bokolis has seen a Black person use this tactic when a call goes against them. I'm not saying that this is unique to Blacks (White people probably do it too; they're probably more cunty about it) and I'm not saying it's done just because of one inopportune event. I AM saying though, that they got that shit down good. Having grown up in the 'hood, I've seen it done enough times to know it's a contrived tactic, good old-fashioned intimidation. Until I figured out the gimmick, it worked on me a few times. Both before and after, I've seen it work on many other people.
End of Tangent Alert

How do most people act when they have to take shit from people who don't know what it is? More to the point, if you were a professional athlete, and you had to take shit from someone like that troll...hold on. Whether Serena stepped on the baseline is debatable at best. You can't tell me that the troll could even count her own fingers in front of her face, let alone make line calls at a Grand Slam event. And you can't tell me that she is capable of critical thought. This was disproved when she made that phantom foot fault call on a second serve at 5-6, 15-30. In that situation, the server would have to be stepping just about at the service line for you to make that call.

We may selectively bite our tongues with our bosses but, depending on our capacity for confrontation, will set it on some chump that is either, fucking with us or too stupid to be out there. Because, rightly so, if someone is at the pinnacle of their profession, why should they expect to be around people at anything less than the pinnacle of theirs? So, is Serena supposed to sit idly by while some troll interjects herself into the match?

The prevailing sentiment is that the tirade cost her the match. The tirade didn't cost Serena the match. Clijsters whupped her. The tirade happened to come on match point. We are the victims here. We were robbed out of seeing Serena try to battle out of that pickle...and, you just know she would have fought like hell to save that match. In the end, Bokolis has to give Serena credit for taking the ruling in stride.

While Serena dials it up for the majors, tennis is just another thing in her life. As such, she may not have qualms about pissing away a major to stomp someone the fuck out. Whether it was that, or Serena merely standing up for herself, this was a tactic, not a meltdown.

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